NIJISANJI EN Opens New VTuber Auditions for 2023

NIJISANJI Audition Janurary 2023

NIJISANJI EN has announced a new round of auditions. They are looking for English-speaking streamers who can debut as VTubers. Auditions will be open from January 5, 5 PM PST to January 23, 6:59 AM PST.

The audition is accompanied by the motif, “Are you ready to join NIJISANJI EN and make the world your stage?”

NIJISANJI Audition Janurary 2023

Interested parties can apply via the official application form, which requires a 5 minute video or audio file including a self introduction and demonstration of streaming in character. 

Application Requirements:

• Candidates who can make content for at least the next 12 months will be considered for this audition. Having experience in the field of streaming is preferred.

• Candidate must be 18 years old or above to be considered for this audition. 

• Candidate’s gender is no bar.

• Fluency in English is a must. Knowledge of other languages is desirable but optional.

NIJISANJI is a Japanese virtual YouTuber agency owned and operated by Japanese company ANYCOLOR Inc. (fromerly Ichikara Inc.). As of December 2022, the agency houses 215 talents across it’s branches NIJISANJI, NIJISANJI EN, and VirtuaReal project in collaboration with bilibili. 

In December 2022, NIJISANJI EN debut their most recent wave of Livers, “XSOLIEL”.

Source: ANYCOLOR Inc.

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