Feature Image for Selen Tatsuki

NIJISANJI Announces the Termination of Selen Tatsuki

ANYCOLOR Inc. has announced the termination of NIJISANJI EN VTuber Selen Tatsuki as of February 5.
Kyo Kaneko Graduation Feature Image

NIJISANJI Announces the Graduation of Kyo Kaneko

NIJISANJI and ANYCOLOR INC. has announced the graduation of NIJISANJI EN VTuber Kyo Kaneko. Kyo will be graduating on 17th of February, 2024.

FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION’s 1st English VTubers To Debut on January 27

VTuber agency FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION will debut Avallum, its first "English-speaker-oriented male VTuber group," on January 27 starting at 6 PM PST (January 28 at 11 AM...
Yozora Mel Termination Feature Image

Hololive Announces Termination of Yozora Mel

Cover Corp. has announced the termination of hololive VTuber Yozora Mel as of January 16.

Houshou Marine Has Passed 3 Million YouTube Subscribers

Hololive's Houshou Marine recently passed three million YouTube subscribers during a singing endurance stream on January 10 JST. The Japanese VTuber started the stream with 299,124,000 subscribers...

Neo-Porte’s 5th Generation VTubers To Debut on January 14

Japanese VTuber agency Neo-Porte's fifth generation of talents will make their debut on January 14. The new Neo-Porte generation's lineup consists of Tsukumo Yagami,...
Feature Image of Pomu Rainpuff

NIJISANJI Announces the Graduation of Pomu Rainpuff

ANYCOLOR Inc. of NIJISANJI announced VTuber Pomu Rainpuff will be graduating on the 20th of January, 2024. Pomu Rainpuff is part of LazuLight, NIJISANJI’s first English VTuber wave.
The VTuber Awards feature image

The VTuber Community Unites: Winners from the 2023 VTuber Awards

Recently VTuber Filian hosted the first annual VTuber Awards. Ironmouse won VTuber of the Year. 
Hololive VTuber Ninomae Ina'nis

Hololive VTuber Ninomae Ina’nis Debuts New Original Song at Belated Birthday Live

Ina debuted her new song, "Meconopsis," during her "Neverland Paradox" birthday live.
Ironmouse Content Creator of the Year

Ironmouse wins Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards

Ironmouse has won the Content Creator of the Year award in The Game Awards 2023.