NIJISANJI Announces the Termination of Selen Tatsuki

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ANYCOLOR Inc. has announced the termination of NIJISANJI EN VTuber Selen Tatsuki as of February 5. Her YouTube channel, memberships and social media accounts have all been closed or made private.

Multiple reasons were given by ANYCOLOR concerning their decision to terminate Selen’s contract. These include: violations of activity rules, repeated breaches of contract, and misleading social media statements.

The statement noted that a music video posted on Selen Tatsuki’s YouTube channel was released without proper authorization for the elements in the music video. NIJISANJI states that permission from relevant parties was not obtained prior to the release of the video, and that this was communicated with Selen the day before the video’s release.

In addition, NIJISANJI put forth that the statements made by Selen Tatsuki about the music video privatizations — specifically regarding decisions made by management and her encouragement for others to re-upload said music video — were in violation of ANYCOLOR’s guidelines and damaged the reputation of both ANYCOLOR Inc. and NIJISANJI.

NIJISANJI also notes that they attempted to communicate with Selen Tatsuki and related parties (including emergency contacts) but were unable to resolve the situation due to Selen’s health. It was then that the decision was made to revoke her access to various social media accounts under the name ‘Selen Tatsuki’, including the YouTube account.

The announcement also notes that Selen had contacted ANYCOLOR via legal counsel regarding her ability to continue her activities under NIJISANJI EN due to ANYCOLOR management decisions and harassment from affiliated Livers.

This is the first termination of a NIJISANJI EN member’s contract since the termination of Zaion LanZa on March 10, 2023. NIJISANJI EN has also recently had Pomu Rainpuff graduate and also announced the graduation for Kyo Kaneko.

Selen Tatsuki debuted on 17 July, 2021 as a member of NIJISANJI EN’s second wave “OBSYDIA” along with her group members Rosemi Lovelock and Petra Gurin. At the time of the announcement she has 806,000 subscribers.

Source: NIJISANJI EN Official

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