Charter of Anime Trending
Since its launch in 2013, Anime Trending has followed a series of guidelines for its charts and awards. We put a lot of thought, consideration, and work into our charts, as well as the Seasonal Anime Awards and the Annual Anime Trending Awards. We've compiled a list of these guidelines so you'll always be able to understand how we strive to continue being your voice in anime!
Last Amended: March 14, 2021
Article I
General Provision

SECTION 1: This organization shall be known as Anime Trending

SECTION 2: The people who work for Anime Trending shall be referred to as "Staffs" and the group who directly administers the organization shall be known as the "Executive Commission" and shall be headed by a "Head Administrator."

SECTION 3: The people who regularly follows the activities of the organization and actively engage in those shall be designated as 'Community Members'

Article II
Declaration of Principles and Mission

SECTION 1: This organization aims to promote and increase awareness of seasonal anime. 

SECTION 2: This organization is against any kind of discrimination among its community members and discourages any inflammatory topics in the community discussion. This organization hopes to promote constructive discussion among anime fans. 

SECTION 3: This organization is guided by the principle of fair play or of giving equal chance.

Article III


SECTION 1: Anime Trending shall release charts every week for each of the 4 TV Programming Seasons, namely Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

SECTION 2: Anime should refer to those animated series airing in Japanese television or animated films released theatrically, or digitally and is primarily produced, created by a Japanese person or group. 

SECTION 3: The Charts that Anime Trending would release are as follows; Anime Charts, Male and Female Character Charts, and Couple-Ship Charts. 

SECTION 4: A cycle year starts with the Winter TV Programming Season and ends with the Fall TV Programming Season.

SECTION 5: All related things to a specific anime that are included on the polls shall be known as 'entries'.  If an entry wins a seasonal title during the seasonal awards, it will not be included in the polls for the same seasonal title within a cycle year. 


SECTION 1: The Anime Charts shall only start once at least 80% of the anime line-up of the season has already premiered or has aired its pilot episodes

SECTION 2:  All anime that are airing for the first time shall be automatically included in the charts, subject to exceptions.

SECTION 3:  An anime should not be included in the charts for two consecutive seasons.

SECTION 4:  Consensus must be held in the event that a returning anime has previously aired for more than 50 consecutive episodes. Its exclusion must be approved by a 2/3 majority. Otherwise, it will be included to the charts. If ever its exclusion was approved, it shall be barred, along with its entries, from being included in its respective future charts. Exception is made for those anime that did not have a successful run in previous Anime Trending Charts 

SECTION 5: Votes garnered by each anime in the final polling week of the charts, shall be doubled. The final polling week shall be known as the Last Week Advantage. It should not start until the final episode of all the one-cour anime who has a statistical chance of winning the 'Anime of the Season' has aired. Anime that could be classified as having the statistical chance of winning the title shall be under the sole discretion of the Head Administrator, who in turn shall give sufficient basis of giving said classification after the seasonal award.

SECTION 6: An anime which has a bulk episode release shall only be ranked if ever it gained enough votes during the week it was released. It could still however be included among the voting choices and the votes that it would garner until the end of the season shall be counted and tallied.

SECTION 7:  Anime which are targeted for audience aged 12 and below, which would be referred to as "Kids", shall be excluded in the charts. 

SECTION 8:  Any anime that are not legally streaming/simulcast outside Japan would not be featured in the Top Anime Charts but would be still available for voting.


SECTION 1: The Character Charts is composed of the Male and Female Character Charts, and the Couple-Ship Charts. It shall start on the 3rd week of the season and shall run until the last week of the season.

SECTION 2: Non-Human Characters, with the exception of those whose gender is specifically indicated, are not included in the charts.

SECTION 3:  Characters shall only be included in the polls if they have already made their debut appearance. Characters from two-cour anime who had just a debut appearance in the current running season, or those who just appeared 3 weeks before the end of the previous season, shall also be included in the charts. 

SECTION 4: The inclusion of couples and ships to be included in the Couple-Ship Charts would be solely deliberated by a special committee assigned to check its plausibility and canon probability.


SECTION 1: The Theme Song Charts is composed of all the songs that has vocals that were used in TV Anime, Anime Films, Anime-related Games, or those sung by Virtual Tubers (VTubers) that were released on or after June 1st, 2019.

SECTION 2: Any songs that were not able to be part of the Top 100 Charts for five consecutive weeks will be removed from the poll choices

Article IV
Awards and Recognition


SECTION 1:  At the end of each season, an awards ceremony shall be held recognizing the best of anime in different categories.

SECTION 2: Genre Polls shall be held on the first day of the last month of each season. Those anime that will have the highest number of votes in each category shall be declared the winner.

SECTION 3: Award recipients for the Anime of the Season, Male and Female Characters of the Season, Couple-Ship of the Season, and Opening and Ending Theme Song titles shall be given to those which or who had the highest total number of votes accumulated throughout the whole season.

SECTION 4: In the event that there are more than 5 leftover anime airing in the current running season, a Weekly Leftover Charts shall be held to determine the recipient of the Leftover Anime of the Season Title. If the minimum requirement is not met, there shall be a run-off poll that will commence at the same time as the start of the Side Category Polls, except in the event that one of the leftover anime leads by 10 or more spots in the final rankings of the previous over the other leftover anime.


SECTION 1: At the end of a cycle year, an awards ceremony shall be held recognizing the best of anime in different categories

SECTION 2: Awards or Categories to be presented are classified as Top Anime, Character, Theme Song, Aspect, Voice Acting, and Genre Awards. The awards included on each classification are as follows

(1) Top Anime Awards includes the Anime of the Year,  and Anime Movie of the Year

(2) Character Awards includes the Man of the Year, Girl of the Year, Supporting Man of the Year, Supporting Girl of the Year, and Couple-Ship of the Year

(3) Theme Song Awards includes the Opening Theme Song of the Year, and Ending Theme Song of the Year

(4) Aspect Awards includes the Best in Animation, Best in Character Design, Best in Sceneries and Visuals, Best in Soundtrack, Best in Original Screenplay, Best in Adapted Screenplay, and Best in Voice Cast.

(5) Voice Acting Awards includes the Best Voice Acting Performance - Male, and Best Voice Acting Performance - Female

(6) Genre Awards includes Action or Adventure Anime of the Year, Comedy Anime of the  Year, Drama Anime of the Year, Fantasy or Magical Anime of the Year, Mecha or Sci-Fi Anime of the Year, Music Anime of the Year, Mystery Anime of the Year,  Music Anime of the Year, Mystery Anime of the Year, Romance Anime of the Year, and Supernatural Anime of the Year. 

SECTION 3: Any anime that won "Anime of the Season" and those anime that did not trail by more than 5% of the votes behind the winner, shall be nominated for Anime of the Year. For those multiple-cour Fall anime that met this requirement however, their nomination would be reserved to the next cycle year.

SECTION 4: The Top 5 Male and Female Characters from each season shall be nominated as Man and Girl of the Year.

SECTION 5: The reigning title holders for "Anime of the Year" and "Anime Movie of the Year" are not qualified for a consecutive nomination for the aforementioned titles.

SECTION 6: The Top 3 Couple-Ships of each season shall be nominated as Couple-Ship of the Year.

SECTION 7: The Top 4 Opening and Ending Theme Songs from each season shall be nominated as Opening and Ending Theme Song of the Year.

SECTION 8: Winners of the Genre Polls from each season shall be nominated for the Genre Awards, along with the second placers if it did not trail by more than 15%. The Staff of Anime Trending will be allotted two nomination slots for each award that would be picked within the final days of the cycle year. Each award finally shall have a minimum of 5 nominees and maximum of 10 nominees. If the minimum number is not met, the said award would be skipped for that specific cycle year.

SECTION 9: The nominees for the Aspect Awards are decided through a plurality vote by the staff of Anime Trending. The staff will choose two anime from each season for each Aspect Awards, for a total of 8 regular nominees. At the end of a cycle year, the staff will have two more nominations, as a wildcard nominee, to add, which they can choose from any season within the cycle year. Nominees for "Anime Movie of the Year" can also be included as a wildcard nominee for the following Aspect Awards which are namely Best in Character Design, Best in Voice Cast, and Best in Soundtrack.

SECTION 10: Nominees for the Anime Movie of the Year Award shall be the following:

(1) Those that had its Blu-ray/DVD released in the current cycle year. 

(2) Anime Movies that are at least 1 hour in length.

(3) Not a recap movie.

(4) Not a movie related to a TV anime that has aired more than 50 consecutive episodes in the past.

(5) Anime Movies that were released in the "majority" of Anime Trending's community in the current cycle year.

SECTION 11: The Voice Acting Awards nominees shall be determined by a third-party group who are focused on Seiyuu.

SECTION 12: Wildcard Polls shall be held for the Anime of the Year and Characters Awards

(1) The Wildcard Polls for Anime of the Year is divided into two rounds - the Preliminary, and Final Rounds.

(a) The Preliminary Wildcard Round for Anime of the Year shall be composed of the Non-Simulcast Anime that aired within the cycle year. The winner of this round will qualify for the Final Round.

(b) The Winner of the Preliminary Wildcard Round, the winner of the Leftover Polls from each season, and the Last Week Advantage Beneficiary that did not place first in any of the weekly charts in its corresponding season as provided by Article III-B Section 15, will be the ones competing for the Final Round.

(c) If there is only a single leftover anime in a season, it will automatically earn a spot for the Final Round of Anime of the Year. (d) In the event that the winner of the leftover poll from a specific season is already nominated for the Anime of the Year, the next highest-ranking anime that is not yet qualified, shall take its place. (e) The anime that will have the highest number of votes shall ultimately qualify as nominee for the Anime of the Year Title.

(2) The Wildcard Polls for the Character Awards shall also be divided into two rounds - the Preliminary and Final Rounds. Both rounds will not have two separate categories based on the character's gender and thus characters, regardless of their gender, will be pit altogether.

(a) The Preliminary Wildcard Round for the Character Awards shall have two separate polls, the ones for those characters of the Non-Simulcast Anime, and the ones for the Anime Movie of the Year Nominees - except for those that had a prior TV series. The Top 5 characters from each classification shall qualify for the next round. (b) The Winning Characters from the Preliminary Round, the characters that placed #6 to #15 from each season are the ones competing for the Final Wildcard Round. (c) The Winner of the Final Wildcard Round of the Character Awards, along with those that did not trail him/her by more than 3% shall ultimately qualify as nominee for either Man of the Year, or Girl of the Year Title, depending on their gender. 

SECTION 13: Upon majority approval of The Staff and Executive Commission and justifiable reasons provided, special consideration could be given for an anime to qualify for any of the titles or awards currently being given out by the organization, depending on the circumstances. 

SECTION 14:  Any anime that topped the ‘Last Week Advantage’ Charts as mentioned in Article III-B Section 5 shall automatically be nominated for Anime of the Year.  

SECTION 15:  In case the beneficiary of Article III-B Section 14 is already nominated based on the qualifications as provided by Article III-B Section 3, the next highest ranking anime of the Last Week Advantage Charts that haven’t met the requirements of Article III-B Section 3 shall be declared the beneficiary. If the beneficiary has never topped in any of the weekly anime charts - it will have to go the Wildcard Rounds for Anime of the Year, otherwise, it will be directly nominated for the said title

Article V
Voting Regulations

SECTION 1: All the anime fans have the right to participate and vote on the polls being held publicly by Anime Trending. Those who participate in the polls of Anime Trending shall be called "voters." Only one ballot may be casted per individual per poll each week. 

SECTION 2: The Maximum No. of Choices for polls being held per each season should be as follows: 

  1. There is no limit in the number of choices for Top Anime of the Week Chart Polls

  2. There shall be a maximum limit of 10 choices for each of the Character Polls, with the exception of Couple-Ship. Moreover, a voter cannot vote for more than 3 characters from a single anime series alone for each of the Character Polls.

  3. There shall be a maximum limit of 5 choices for the Couple Ship Polls

  4. There shall be a maximum limit of 5 choices for the Theme Song Polls

  5. The maximum number of choices in the Genre Polls shall depend on how many anime are included in a certain category. Once the number of nominees exceeded a multiple of 4, the maximum number of choices increase by one

SECTION 3: The Maximum No. of choice for polls being held as part of the Anime Trending Awards shall be as follows:

  1. Voters can only choose one nominee for Top Anime Awards, Couple-Ship of the Year, and the Voice Acting Awards

  2. Voters can choose up to two nominees for the Character Awards if the total number of nominees is not more than 21 and up to three nominees if it exceeds 21. Another one nominee can be chosen for every time the total number of nominees increase by three.

  3. Voters can choose up to two nominees for the Theme Song Awards.

  4. Voters can choose up to two nominees for the Aspect and Genre Awards. 

SECTION 4: Voting Ballots cast is constantly monitored and audited most especially at the end of the polls. In case a ballot is found to be fraudulent cast, it shall be declared null and void without prior notice.