NIJISANJI releases Luxiem Half-Year Anniversary Goods

NIJISANJI EN Luxiem Half Anniversary

NIJISANJI EN has released a new range of character goods for their first male group, Luxiem, to celebrate their six-month anniversary.

The merchandise range features the Livers Mysta Rias, Ike Eveland, Vox Akuma, Shu Yamino, and Luca Kaneshiro.

  • Acrylic Stand Half Anniversary Luxiem
  • Acrylic Stand Half Anniversary Mysta Rias
  • Acrylic Stand Half Anniversary Luca Kaneshiro
  • Acrylic Stand Half Anniversary Ike Eveland
  • Acrylic Stand Half Anniversary Vox Akuma
  • Acrylic Stand Half Anniversary Shu Yamino

The goods include acrylic stands, file folders, badges, snapshot cards, character hangers, ribbon bowknot bag charms, and NIJI puppets.

  • File Folder Half Anniversary Luxiem
  • File Folder Half Anniversary Mysta Rias
  • File Folder Half Anniversary Ike Eveland
  • File Folder Half Anniversary Luca Kaneshiro
  • File Folder Half Anniversary Vox Akuma
  • File Folder Half Anniversary Shu Yamino

The goods will be available for purchase on June 3 starting at 6PM PDT at NIJISANJI’s English and Japanese online shops, Animate online stores, and select Animate physical locations in Ikebukuro, Sendai, Fukuoka Tenjin, Shanghai, Korea (Hongik University), Taipei, Taichung, and Dazhi.

  • Cover Badge Book Half Anniversary Luxiem
  • Badge Book Half Anniversary Luxiem
  • Square Badge Half Anniversary Luxiem
  • Snapshot Card Half Anniversary Luxiem

NIJISANJI is a Japanese virtual YouTuber agency owned by Japanese company AnyColor Inc. (formerly Ichikara Inc.). As of June 2022, the agency manages 207 talents across its three branches: NIJISANJI, NIJISANJI EN, and VirtuaReal Project. NIJISANJI has 46 million subscribers across its YouTube channels.

The group debuted its first Livers (the official title for their VTuber talents) in 2018. NIJISANJI EN debuted its first wave LazuLight in May 2021, and has since grown to include OBSYDIA, Ethyria, Luxiem, and Noctyx.

Source: AnyColor Inc.

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