NIJISANJI Announces 7th Wave English VTuber Group XSOLEIL

Image Source: ANYCOLOR

ANYCOLOR announced its 7th NIJISANJI EN Liver group, “XSOLEIL” in a new teaser video and illustration. The mix gendered group consists of Zaion LanZa, Doppio Dropscythe, Meloco Kyoran, Hex Haywire, Kotoka Torahime, and Ver Vermillion. The group will debut on December 9 at 4 PM PST, December 10 at 9 AM JST. 


XSOLEIL debut single song “HOLD IT DOWN” by GRP and lyrics by Rocco808 will be released on December 6 at 8 PM PT. The song is mixed by IRKO at StudioBeat3. 

Zaion LanZa (ランザー 罪恩)

Treasurer of the Student Council who came from the future.
She hides her loneliness with a self-imposed goal of preventing the apocalypse. 

Doppio Dropscythe (ドッピオ ドロップサイト)

Enforcer of the Student Council who is true to himself.
He’s a delinquent turned disciplinarian, so can order really be expected? 

Meloco Kyoran (狂蘭 メロコ)

Event coordinator of the Student Council who is an exorcist by night.
She casts out ghosts and demons with her trusty umbrella.

Hex Haywire (ヘックス へイワイヤー)

Counselor of the Student Council who greatly wishes to care for people.
He can absorb the pain of others, at the cost of his own wellbeing.

Kotoka Torahime (虎姫 コトカ)

Vice President of the Student Council who is as fashionable as she is dependable.
She specializes in glamouring as anyone she touches. 

Ver Vermillion (ヴェール ヴァーミリオン)

President of the Student Council who is veiled in charisma and mystery.
He can look into your very soul and read your future.

Source: Press Release

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