Magical Girl holoWitches! Releases “HajimarinoMahou-charm” Music Video

Image source: hololive YouTube channel

A music video for “HajimarinoMahou-charm,” the first original song from hololive production‘s Magical Girl holoWitches! multimedia project, has been released on YouTube. The song is also available on music streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube Music.

The music video is directed by Masato Takeuchi (A Girl & Her Guard Dog ending animation), who previously storyboarded and directed the main trailer for Magical Girl holoWitches! As before, Takeuchi also has a host of other credits, including supervisor, storyboard artist, production assistant, editor, line producer, and animation production.

Some of the other staff include:

• Mini character designer and co-animation director: Kanna Hirayama (OSHI NO KO and Rent-A-Girlfriend character designer) 
• Dance animator: Yuya Hiderita (As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I’ll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World ending animation key animator) 
• Motion graphics designer: Yuma Hiraishi 
• Compositing director and compositor: Graphinica’s Yuichiro Tozawa (Magical Girl holoWitches! main trailer, Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend compositing director) 
• Art director, background artist, color coordinator, and color Inspector: Mitsuho Seta (Magical Girl holoWitches! main trailer, A Girl & Her Guard Dog opening animation storyboard artist and director et al.) 

The Magical Girl holoWitches! project depicts hololive VTubers Amane KanataSakura MikoHoushou MarineHimemori LunaMurasaki Shion, and Sakamata Chloe as magical girls and will feature “anime, manga, and livestreams based on magical girl lore and setting.” The (untranslated) manga is serialized on the official holoWitches! website and is up to its third chapter at the time of writing.

In the project’s fictional setting, there exists a magical realm that was formed from the accumulation of “holos,” the lights from people’s hearts, through a streaming app. The main characters — Amane KanataSakura MikoHoushou MarineHimemori LunaMurasaki Shion, and Sakamata Chloe — are streamers who have to transform into holoWitches to save people who are suffering from “Yumeochi,” a phenomenon where the stress and uncertainties of life have caused their souls to be sucked into the other realm. They also have to battle monsters that have birthed from “Yumeochi.”

Source: hololive YouTube channel

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