SHUFFLE: Anime Trending’s Newest Music Chart Coming Soon!

A Brand New Music Chart featuring the hottest Anisongs of the Week!

Interview with Voice Actress Karen Strassman

Karen Strassman is currently holding voice acting workshops at Strawberry Hill Studio in Novato, California. Her next one is set for May 11th and registration is still open. We...

Penguin Highway Review: A Journey of Fun

Gracie talks about how Penguin Highway could possibly be 2019's 'Anime Movie of the Year' contender

Kaguya-sama: Love is War victorious in Winter 2019 Anime Awards

Kaguya-sama gives A-1 Pictures its 4th 'Anime of the Season' (AOTS) title, solidifying the studio's record of having the most AOTS titles in Anime Trending

‘A Place Further than the Universe’, ‘Maquia’ wins Top Anime Titles in the 5th...

ZAMAMIRO! A Place Further than the Universe grabs 'Anime of the Year Title', while Mari Okada's debut directorial film, 'Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms' wins as Anime Movie of the Year

INTERVIEW: The Rising of the Shield Hero ft. Composer Kevin Penkin & Producer Junichiro...

Anime Trending had the amazing opportunity to interview some staff behind the TV anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero. Music composer Kevin Penkin and producer Tamura Junichiro...

Zombie Land Saga records surprising win in Fall 2018 Anime Awards

Zombie Land Saga unexpectedly becomes the first ever idol anime to win Anime of the Season in the history of Anime Trending

INTERVIEW: Singer Nano (ナノ) at Fanime 2018

nano, the singer behind may hit Japanese songs including “No Pain No Game,” “Neverland” and “Born to Be”, her made US debut at San Jose this past May. We...

INTERVIEW: Voice Actress Satomi Sato

Satomi Sato sits down for an Interview with Anime Trending!

INTERVIEW: Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO ft. LLENN’s VA, Author & Producer!

Anime Trending was given the gracious opportunity to interview three very important individuals when it comes to the creation of the Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online TV...