Theatrical Impressions: Weathering with You

Deiru-kun, the Head Admin, got an opportunity to watch Makoto Shinkai's latest film at its 2nd pre-screening in the Philippines courtesy of Pioneer Films. Here are his thoughts.

INTERVIEW: The Promised Neverland Director and Producers

Special exclusive interview with the director and producers!

INTERVIEW: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Producer Yuma Takahashi

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Makoto Shinkai’s ‘Weathering With You’ Sold Out in Philippines Pre-Screening

In less than a day, tickets for the pre-screening of the most awaited anime film of the year SOLD OUT in the Philippines.

INTERVIEW: Magia Record Producer Yusuke Toyama and Masaki Sato

Interview with Magia Record Producers!

INTERVIEW: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Producers

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Producers joins us at Anime Expo 2019!

Interview: Anime Composer Yoshihiro Ike

Yoshihiro Ike joins us at Anime Expo 2019!

Plot vs Characters in Anime

What's the key to a good anime? The Plot or the Characters?

Against all odds – Carole and Tuesday claims ‘Anime of the Season’ Title for...

Carole and Tuesday breaks the 4-year dry spell for two-cour anime as they give Bones' third AOTS Title

Interview with Hinata Sato at Anime Central

Diyo sits down for a one-on-one interview with Hinata Sato, the voice actress of Revue Starlight's Junna Hoshimi