Magical Girl holoWitches! Project Turns Hololive VTubers Into Magical Girls

Image source: hololive - VTuber Group YouTube channel

VTuber agency hololive production is launching a new multimedia project called Magical Girl holoWitches!, which features members like Amane Kanata, Sakura Miko, Houshou Marine, Himemori Luna, Murasaki Shion, and Sakamata Chloe as magical girls. 

A lengthy animated main trailer for the project was released and includes Rie Takahashi and Aoi Yuki as mascots Aer and Rug and Kaede Hondo and Mirika Kawa as minor characters. More details will be revealed in a livestream on May 16 at 8 PM JST. 

The Magical Girl holoWitches! description says that it “hopes to introduce various forms of content such as anime, manga, and livestreams based on magical girl lore and setting.”

The main trailer is storyboarded by Masato Takeuchi (A Girl & Her Guard Dog ending animation) and Nobuhiko Bito (The Grimm Variations Episode 5 assistant sub-original character designer), while the transformation sequences are handled by Kenta Yokoya (Metallic Rouge co-main animator). The character designs come from Kairi Unabara (Pokémon Evolutions Episode 8) and Rio (Trapezium), based on drafts by illustrator Megumi Mizutani

Takeuchi also has other credits like director, production assistant, unit director, editor, line producer, and animation production.

Source: hololive – VTuber Group YouTube channel

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