Amane Kanata Releases “Oracle” Anime MV From Fate/Strange Fake Co-Director

Image source: Kanata Ch. Kanata Amane YouTube channel

hololive VTuber Amane Kanata has released a new original anime music video for “Oracle,” one of the tracks from her recent first album, Unknown DIVA.

The “Oracle” music video, which presents Kanata is a variety of art styles and features the angel VTuber dancing within card borders, is directed by animator Shun Enokido, one of the directors of the upcoming Fate/Strange Fake TV anime.

Enokido, whose other past credits include Mashle‘s first opening (storyboard artist, director, and key animator), the hololive Alternative teaser (storyboard artist and director), and Fate/Apocrypha (co-action director), is also the color designer and one of the key animators of “Oracle.” His F/SF co-director and Mayu Tokage partner Takahito Sakazume is involved in the music video as a key animator.

Other staff members include Folium’s Daisuke Chiba (“Nekokaburi Na” and Stardust Telepath, “Glorious Day” director) as compositing director, NZK (“NEO” 2DBG artist) and Pochi as background artists, and Rio (“Betsu Sekai” animation director and key animator) as animation producer and key animator. 

Nagisa contributed the dance choreography, while matlity is credited with the animation production.

“Oracle” was released after Kanata’s AnimeSong 3DLIVE livestream, which featured a thumbnail image illustrated by Bocchi the Rock! character designer Kerorira.

Source: Kanata Ch. Kanata Amane YouTube channel

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