hololive Announces English Concert Connect the World

hololive English first concert Connect the World on July 2. The event will take place at Youtube Theater in Los Angeles and feature ten hololive English performers.
Former NIJISANJI Liver Zaion LanZa

NIJISANJI EN Announces Termination of Zaion LanZa

ANYCOLOR Inc. of NIJISANJI announced the termination of Zaion LanZa as of February 10.
COVER Corp. CEO Motoaki "YAGOO" Tanigo

INTERVIEW: Motoaki “YAGOO” Tanigo, CEO of COVER Corp. Talks About hololive production and Behind...

CEO Motoaki “YAGOO” Tanigo from COVER Corp., talks about hololive English and what happens behind the scenes in virtual entertainment. 
VTuber Akuma Nihmune

INTERVIEW: Akuma Nihmune Reflects on Subathon, Talks About Her New Model and Latest Album

Akuma Nihmune, AKA Numi, talks about her subathon, latest album, new model, and inspirations.
Nijisanji EN COLORS Live

Nijisanji EN AR Live Stage COLORS Canceled

Nijisanji EN first AR Live "COLORS" announces cancellation due to COVID-19.
Nijisanji EN COLORS Live

Nijisanji EN Announces First AR Live COLORS

Nijisanji EN first AR Live "COLORS" featuring songs, variety performances and 3D debuts.
KoMETA Virtual Live VTuber Auditions

VTuber Agency KoMETA Opens Up Male and Female Auditions

Philippines-based VTuber agency KoMETA Virtual Live has opened auditions for the second generation of its “Original Division”, alongside a new “Male Division”.
ChikuTaku by Amelia Watson

hololive’s Amelia Watson Releases First Original Single “ChikuTaku”

Amelia Watson of “hololive English -Myth-” has released her very first original song “ChikuTaku” with an accompanying music video.
hololive Creator Contest 2023 illustration featuring Ariana Iofifteen, Houshou Marine, and Nanashi Mumei

pixiv Hosts Creator Contest in Collaboration with hololive

pixiv has announced its “Hololive Creator Contest 2023” in collaboration with the VTuber agency. Applications are open for swimsuit designs, fanart, and scenario writing.

VShojo’s Ironmouse Debuts New Single “WAIFU JAM” Produced by Camellia

Ironmouse debuted her new single, “WAIFU JAM”, during her birthday concert. The track credits producer Camellia as its composer.