hololive ReGLOSS featured image

New hololive VTuber Group ReGLOSS Revealed With Debut Song

COVER Corp. has revealed a new VTuber group ReGLOSS under their new branch hololive DEV_IS. The group consists of Hiodoshi Ao, Otonose Kanade, Ichijou Ririka, Juufuutei Raden, and Todoroki Hajime.
Regis Altare Alban Knox Collaboration

hololive production and NIJISANJI English Talents to Collaborate for First Time

English-language talents under NIJISANJI and the hololive production banner are collaborating on stream. Alban Knox is joining Regis Altare for a Terraria stream.
Feature Image for Selen Tatsuki

NIJISANJI Announces the Termination of Selen Tatsuki

ANYCOLOR Inc. has announced the termination of NIJISANJI EN VTuber Selen Tatsuki as of February 5.
Yugo Asuma Graduation

NIJISANJI EN has Announced the Graduation of Yugo Asuma

ANYCOLOR Inc. of NIJISANJI announced the graduation of their talent Yugo Asuma as of December 14. 

PRISM Project Producer Shogun /r/VirtualYoutuber AMA Highlights

The producer for the Vtuber agency PRISM Project, who goes by the alias of Shogun, held a reddit AMA on the /r/VirtualYotubers subreddit. The session focused...
Sana Graduation

Tsukumo Sana Announces Graduation from hololive

Tsukumo Sana of hololive English -Council- has announced that she will be graduating from the group, with her final stream taking place on July 31st.
holoX MEETing

hololive’s 6th Generation is Getting a Manga Series

A manga based on the origin story behind hololive’s 6th generation Secret Society holoX is being created. Titled holoX MEETing, the manga will begin publication on November 1 via Shonen Jump Plus. 
aniplex online fest 2022

PRISM Project and Crunchyroll-Hime to Host Aniplex Online Fest 2022 Watch Party

VTuber agency PRISM Project announced that it will host the official online watch party for Aniplex Online Fest 2022. Crunchyroll’s VTuber talent Hime will join as a guest.
Gawr Gura Birthday 2022

Gawr Gura Celebrates Birthday with 3D Performance, Merch Drop

Gawr Gura has announced new merch during her birthday stream. The items include a Dino Plushie, signed card, and more!
hanahaki syndrome promotional image

Shiki Miyoshino Makes Sony Music Debut With “hanahaki syndrome”

Shiki Miyoshino, a member of PRISM Project’s third VTuber generation, will make her debut under Sony Music with her original song “hanahaki syndrome”. The single will launch July 12, 2023.