Paint Gaming Pink! VShojo

VShojo Partners with BCRF for Paint Gaming Pink! Charity

VShojo has announced it will be partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for its Paint Gaming Pink! charity event.

Tsujita Artisan Noodle To Deliver Special Hololive Myth Menu Starting in July

The Tsujita Artisan Noodle chain is collaborating with hololive production to produce a special menu inspired by the VTubers of hololive English -Myth-. This menu will be...
PRISM Project 7th Generation Promotional Image

PRISM Project Announces New 7th Generation VTuber Wave

VTuber agency PRISM Project announced its 7th generation of Livers will debut Mako Sameshima, Nana Asteria, and Emma Oumiya.
Feature Image of Pomu Rainpuff

NIJISANJI Announces the Graduation of Pomu Rainpuff

ANYCOLOR Inc. of NIJISANJI announced VTuber Pomu Rainpuff will be graduating on the 20th of January, 2024. Pomu Rainpuff is part of LazuLight, NIJISANJI’s first English VTuber wave.
hanahaki syndrome promotional image

Shiki Miyoshino Makes Sony Music Debut With “hanahaki syndrome”

Shiki Miyoshino, a member of PRISM Project’s third VTuber generation, will make her debut under Sony Music with her original song “hanahaki syndrome”. The single will launch July 12, 2023.

SuperGroupies Reveals Takanashi Kiara Fashion Items

Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies is taking pre-orders for a collaboration collection inspired by hololive English VTuber Takanashi Kiara.  The collaboration products include a watch,...

PRISM Project Producer Shogun /r/VirtualYoutuber AMA Highlights

The producer for the Vtuber agency PRISM Project, who goes by the alias of Shogun, held a reddit AMA on the /r/VirtualYotubers subreddit. The session focused...
NIJISANJI Hoodies Petra Nishizono

NIJISANJI Drops Hoodies Styled After Chigusa and Petra

NIJISANJI has released two hoodies styled after its talents Petra Gurin and Nishizono Chigusa. The hoodies are available for purchase as of October 25.. 

hololive Announces English Concert Connect the World

hololive English first concert Connect the World on July 2. The event will take place at Youtube Theater in Los Angeles and feature ten hololive English performers.

Magical Girl holoWitches! Releases “HajimarinoMahou-charm” Music Video

A music video for "HajimarinoMahou-charm," the first original song from hololive production's Magical Girl holoWitches! multimedia project, has been released on YouTube. The song is also available...