3 New Holo Indie Games Are Arriving Soon

COVER Corporation's Holo Indie brand is set to add three more games to its banner starting on March 29. The first to arrive will...

Hololive To Hold 1st Australian Concert At DreamHack Melbourne

Hololive Production is set to host its first Australian concert in April as part of the gaming lifestyle festival DreamHack Melbourne. The performing talents...

VSPO! Gaming Keyboards To Debut in Late March

Following a delay last month, VTuber agency VSPO! (Virtual eSports Project) has announced that the first batch of its VSPO! GEAR gaming keyboards will go on sale on...
PRISM Project VTubers Aoi Tokimori, Meno Ibuki, Iku Hoshifure

VTuber Agency PRISM Project to Cease Operations

VTuber Agency PRISM Project announced that it will cease its operations on March 31st.

Amane Kanata Releases Anime Music Video for Original Song “START UP”

Hololive VTuber Amane Kanata has released an anime music video for her new single "START UP."  The "START UP" video follows a scarf-wearing girl...

Blue Lock Director Directs Nekomata Okayu’s “NekoKaburi Na” Anime Music Video

Hololive VTuber Nekomata Okayu recently released an anime music video for her new song, "NekoKaburi Na." The video was released on February 22, the same date her birthday...
Feature Image for Selen Tatsuki

NIJISANJI Announces the Termination of Selen Tatsuki

ANYCOLOR Inc. has announced the termination of NIJISANJI EN VTuber Selen Tatsuki as of February 5.
Kyo Kaneko Graduation Feature Image

NIJISANJI Announces the Graduation of Kyo Kaneko

NIJISANJI and ANYCOLOR INC. has announced the graduation of NIJISANJI EN VTuber Kyo Kaneko. Kyo will be graduating on 17th of February, 2024.

FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION’s 1st English VTubers To Debut on January 27

VTuber agency FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION will debut Avallum, its first "English-speaker-oriented male VTuber group," on January 27 starting at 6 PM PST (January 28 at 11 AM...
Yozora Mel Termination Feature Image

Hololive Announces Termination of Yozora Mel

Cover Corp. has announced the termination of hololive VTuber Yozora Mel as of January 16.