OSHI NO KO’s Yurie Igoma Talks About What It’s Like Being Ruby

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TV anime 【OSHI NO KO】 is entering its next pivotal story arc. In our continued weekly behind-the-scenes interview, this week will feature our first voice cast member. Yurie Igoma, the voice of Ruby, talked with Anime Trending about her passion for the role.

Were you familiar with 【OSHI NO KO】  before you were asked to perform as Ruby?

Yurie Igoma: Of course! Before I was chosen as the voice of Ruby, I had been reading the manga before I heard about the auditions. A series titled 【OSHI NO KO】  really stuck out in my mind and that’s why I started reading it. Somehow, I felt like “I’ve got to read this.” (laughs). I was slightly interested, as I wondered “what does 【OSHI NO KO】  mean?”

I’m sure those of you who have already watched episode 1 are aware, but the title 【OSHI NO KO】 is filled with various meanings. It means the child of your oshi, as well as the idol you are the oshi of. Before I landed the role as Ruby, I had been long awaiting for the anime adaptation of this series.

What was your first impression when you saw the script for the anime series?

This was the very first time I got a lead role in a series. For starters, the designs are really cute. (laughs). The cover for the script is so cute. Especially the script for episode 1, the cover had the Teaser Visual of Ai. 

©Aka Akasaka x Mengo Yokoyari/Shueisha, “OSHI NO KO” Partners

I really got hyped up just looking at the title logo. And on the script, my name was written underneath where it said “Ruby.” And when I saw that, I thought, “I really have to take responsibility and successfully complete this job.” I have a vivid memory of how sobering it felt in that sense.

And the story is really interesting, so even though I’ve read the manga not once but many times, there is something new about this. I look at the anime scripts with as much excitement as I did with the original manga. I really remember how it was so emotionally moving. 

©Aka Akasaka x Mengo Yokoyari/Shueisha, “OSHI NO KO” Partners

For 【OSHI NO KO】 , there was an audition to decide which voice actor would get the role. How did you prepare for the audition? Were you initially aiming to be Ruby?

This was the first time I was auditioning for an anime, so it was where I got my first solid sense of how auditions proceeded. As for Ruby-chan, I am a fan of girl idols as well. And the first audition was literally months into after I started working as a voice actor… It was only a few months after I signed with my agency.

Since Ruby is aiming to become a new idol and I am a rookie voice actor, my feelings overlapped with hers concerning “I’m going to do my best from here!”. So I really wanted to play the role of Ruby-chan, no matter what! 

How does it feel being in the lead role? Were there any unexpected challenges you have encountered or expectations you experienced as the lead role?

Fortunately, I was graciously given a role that will be central to the story. Even now, I don’t have a solid sense of it, as I’m the one acting as Ruby. I still have a slight feeling that I’m still listening to a story that’s happening in a different world.

It’s like when I got to watch Ruby-chan again with my voice on it in a premier screening, I really had a strange feeling. Have all the senpai voice actors felt this way when they first started? (laughs) I wonder how they did?

But in the end, I’m acting and therefore not necessarily talking as myself. When I’m watching the anime, I really had a huge sense of accomplishment! (laughs) It’s no longer just me. It is a compilation of the animators, the music staff, and the sound effects staff. Everything is complete and Ruby-chan was the girl.

I’m really happy that I was able to play the role of Ruby-chan, and the series we all created together… I am truly happy that I could be a part of all of that. That’s what I feel currently playing this main character and watching the first episode.

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At the end of Episode 1, we hear Ruby call Aqua “onii-chan” (referring to older brother) which shows a strong relationship since in Episode 1 when they are younger, they refer to them by their first names. How was showing this time skip in your acting conveying Ruby being closer to Aqua versus like in episode 1?

The time they spent as family must have been a really big thing for both Ruby-chan and Aqua. And Ruby-chan in her previous life had someone to put her trust in and lower her guard in front of. I feel like it’s starting to sound complicated but I think it means that Aqua has become someone who she lets into her heart.  And I’m sure a part of that definitely is that he has grown on her over time. It’s… kinda emo. (laughs) I know how I worded all this is pretty complicated.

In the end, they overcame all sorts of hardships including that of their mother (Ai) together, soI’m sure there were things that came into light . For Ruby, I think her big brother is someone she trusts and opens herself up to.

Do you read the manga, by chance?

Yes, we did!

In the end, the original artists Aka-sensei and Mengo-sensei only know how this relationship will evolve in the future but at this point in the anime, the existence of a big brother is someone that Ruby-chan can really open her heart to. While watching their relationship, I do feel that there are parts that make me think, “Oh, they’re really great siblings.”

One of Aqua’s lines about Ruby in episode 1 really left a lasting impression on me. It wasn’t like he was directly telling her, but it was like “Ruby will probably recover. For better or worse, she’s earnest and genuine. That much I know, after these few years with her.” When I heard that line, I really thought, “oniichan already understands Ruby at this point.”

And the fact that he had understood Ruby to this extent just in the first few years shows that their relationship really will have advanced to a place where they can place quite a bit of trust in each other by the time they start high school. I’m not sure if revenge has completely tainted him already, but aside from that, I really hope that there is a relationship built on trust called a family. It’s really wishful thinking. 

Recently, Rie Takahashi-san posted a guide on how to shower for her fans. As the voice of Ruby, who adores Ai and wants to be an idol, what do you think Ruby Hoshino would do and say if she did the same thing?

You know, the original authors are like parents… No, they ARE the parents, so I’m not sure if I should be talking about this. But in my imagination, I’m sure she would be calling something out the day before, like “I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

I feel like she’s the type that would do that. In Ruby-chan’s heart, “(having) fun” is pretty important in her life. I’ve been thinking that the whole time ever since watching the first episode. That’s why sharing a space — enjoying company in the same space during events or live shows has a wonderful atmosphere.

So, if it was before a live show, I’m sure she would be trying to convey her own feelings to her fans. I love that Ruby-chan can say without lies or calculations that she is having fun. 

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As a voice actress, what advice would you give to Ruby as she becomes an aspiring idol?

I want her to have fun. I really want her to live her life based on what she wants to do. I’m not sure what the objective will be in that case. But I really hope she doesn’t commit a crime.

The feelings she had when she was Sarina-chan still exists too. And I thinkwhat she felt fun was being an idol. Her goals might change in the future, but “I want her to have fun” will always be there in my mind.


Ruby has a very extroverted and outgoing personality. It requires a lot of energy and stamina for the vocals. How did you prepare yourself for that? 

She really is energetic. She is extremely energetic in both her actions and her emotions. When watching the anime, her facial expressions change often. She is like making a big deal with everything she likes. She’s got many cute aspects like that, but it’s not like I prepared specifically for it all that much. I haven’t thought much about having to act full of energy because she’s a character full of energy. I often get excited over things that I love. But in my head, when Ruby is all hyped up and when I’m all hyped up is similar, I guess we have a similar state of hype. I do feel this way lately. 

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Did you get a chance to talk to the mangaka/sensei for any advice on how Ruby should act?

Akasaka-sensei comes to the recording studio pretty often. Although not directly from him, I do get a lot of comments relayed through the sound director. From both Akasaka-sensei and the sound director, the direction I received for how they want Ruby-chan’s voice to sound is to keep it true-to-life and not make it sound too cute. It’s not like I need to fabricate a cute-sounding character. They told me that they really wanted me to act in a true-to-life manner.


How was the collaboration and voice acting session like with Takeo Otsuka-san, the voice of Aqua?

I met Otsuka-san for the first time. Actually, the percentage of people I’ve never met before these recording sessions is like 99%. (laughs) That being said, Otsuka-san really is Aqua…His acting is spot-on with the Aqua from my imagination reading the manga as a fan, and he has taught me so many things. The snacks that are provided during these recording sessions are all delicious. And when I take some to Otsuka-san and say “This is today’s snack,” he always smiles and chats with me. I’m sure he wants to read the script a bit more, and I realize that I’m not yet at a stature where I can be acting so frivolous, but he’s really kind. (laughs). He’s such a wonderful character, and really takes good care of me. 

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Any final comments to both fans in Japan and international fans?

It’s a given that the original manga is really fun to read, but once you add the animation, sound, and voices, you can enjoy the anime moving your heart in a different way. Of course, if you haven’t read the original manga yet, you will be following along with the story and wonder, “What will happen next week?” I’m sure this series will be the highlight of your week. Although it’s a series about show business, it also has a fantasy aspect and delves into human emotions.

It cuts out facets of so many various aspects of present-day life and is so inspiring as a series. I really want all sorts of people to watch it, and I really hope that there will be a lot more people who will be waiting each week thinking, “Oh, what’s going to happen next? What will happen?”

Please make sure to watch it! 

Special thanks to Yurie Igoma and KADOKAWA for the opportunity. OSHI NO KO is now streaming on HiDive and other platforms. Yen Press is publishing the manga in English.

For additional information on 【OSHI NO KO】, check out the official EN Twitter account @oshinoko_global.

Interview Interpreter: Adele San

Translator: Rika Chen

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