NIJISANJI’s Ibrahim Releases 3rd Anniversary Anime Video

Image source: Ibrahim (Nijisanji) YouTube channel

A three-minute anime video of NIJISANJI VTuber Ibrahim has been released to celebrate his third anniversary. The video features Ibrahim in a variety of scenarios, from playing soccer to trading blows with Inui Shinichiro and Kuzuha, and also has appearances from other VTubers like Yuki Chihiro, Saegusa Akina, Ratna Petit, and more.

Marino served as storyboarder and unit director for the anniversary animation with Serizawa as assistant unit director and photography director. Ibrahim is credited as chief director and planner. The song “He-be” by DIGM is used in the video.

Ibrahim had his debut YouTube livestream on January 30, 2020 (in Japan time). He debuted on the same date as Melissa Kinrenka and Furen E Lustario, with the three of them forming the Meifu trio.

Ibrahim’s profile lists him as a former oil baron who now makes his living off an onsen he happened to dig up after oil prices fell. He hails from the Corvus Empire. Ibrahim streams various games, with recent titles including League of Legends, Warlander, Minecraft, Resident Evil Village, and Escape from Tarkov.

Source: Ibrahim (Nijisanji) YouTube channel

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