Nijisanji EN Announces First AR Live COLORS

Nijisanji EN COLORS Live

ANYCOLOR announces its first AR LIVE “COLORS” for NIJISANJI EN over two days on April 8 and 9. The event will feature songs, variety performances, and 3D debuts by 19 NIJISANJI EN Livers.


PASTEL STAGE will feature performances from NIJISANJI EN’s LazuLight, OBSYDIA, and Ethyria groups. This stage will be live on April 7 at 8 PM PDT, April 8 at 12 PM JST.

VIVID STAGE will feature performances from NIJISANJI EN’s Luxiem and Noctyx groups. This stage will be live on April 8 at 8 PM PDT, April 9 at 12 PM JST.

Tickets are available on NIJISANJI EN’s official website.

NIJISANJI is a Japanese virtual YouTuber agency owned by Japanese company AnyColor Inc. (formerly Ichikara Inc.). As of January 2023, the agency manages 222 talents across its three branches: NIJISANJI, NIJISANJI EN, and VirtuaReal Project. 

“LazuLight” is NIJISANJI’s first English language wave, featuring Pomu Rainpuff, Elira Pendora and Finana Ryugu. The group debuted in May 2021.

“OBSYDIA” is NIJISANJI’s second English language wave, featuring Rosemi Lovelock, Petra Gurin, and Selen Tatsuki. The group debuted in July 2021.

“Ethyria” is NIJISANJI’s third English language wave, featuring Nina Kosaka, Nillie Parfait, Enna Alouette, and Reimu Endou. The group debuted in October 2021.

“Luxiem” is NIJISANJI’s fourth English language wave, featuring Luca Kaneshiro, Shu Yamino, Ike Everland, Mysta Rias, and Vox Akuma. The group debuted in December 2021.

“Noctyx” is NIJISANJI EN’s fifth wave, featuring Uki Violeta, Alban Knox, Fulgur Ovid, and Sonny Brisko. The group debuted in February 2022.

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