hololive’s Amane Kanata Releases Original Anime MV for “Betsu Sekai”

Amane Kanata Betsu Sekai
©COVER, 2016

Amane Kanata of hololive released an anime music video for her new single “Betsu Sekai”.

The track features mixing by Junya Nakabayashi, guitar and base by Tomoki Numano, and programming and arrangement credited to Numa. The lyrics were written and performed by Kanata herself.

The anime music video was directed and storyboarded by Tsuda (“Seishun Kippu” music video), who also served as character designer. Rio (“Sono Saki e” Tamaya pawn shop ad) served as animation director alongside color designer Mikako Senzaki (“Sono Saki e”) and photography director SHIG (“New Genesis”).

Betsu Sekai Single Cover Amane Kanata
©COVER, 2016

The video juxtaposes the mundane life of a photographer with romantic fantasies of their idol. Eventually their dreams crumble and the photographer is left searching, tortured by jealous sightings of their idol engaged in other love affairs. Kanata emerges from amongst a set of paintings and embraces the photographer in an effort to console their perceived loss. Eventually the photographer finds peace sitting amongst the crowd, as just another faceless fan with their love unrequited.  

Amane Kanata is a Japanese VTuber, and is part of hololive’s fourth generation. She debuted in December 2019 alongside Tsunomaki Watame, Tokoyami Towa, Himemori Luna, and alum Kiryu Coco. 

Source: Kanata Ch.

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