Summoned to Another World… Again?! Anime Gets Trailer, More Cast Info


The Summoned to Another World… Again?! anime adaptation has received a trailer that includes a preview of the opening song “Continue Distortion” by Himitsu Kessha NiRVERGE ∀. Additionally, more cast members were announced in the form of Kaori Maeda as Eruka, Satomi Amano as Yuhi, Fairouz Ai as Revia, and Saori Oonishi as Dezasutol.

A Spring 2023 release window was revealed as well.

Summoned to Another World… Again?! is based on the Futabasha-published fantasy manga by Arashiyama, which began in 2018 and will release its ninth tankoubon volume on March 30, 2023. It is serialized on Gaugau Monster and is published under the Monster Comics label. 

Coolmic describes the manga as:

There was once a hero who was summoned to another world, and he saved that world. However, the man was caught in a “trap” and was forcibly returned to his original world. On top of that, he had to start over as a baby… This is the story of a crazy journey in another world where a former hero who was reincarnated into a slightly gloomy high school student is “resummoned” back to that same world! There’s a lot of room to work with when it’s the second time, huh♪ It’s the long-awaited comicalization of the popular Wattpad story!!

Motoki Nakanishi (Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun and Kaguya-sama: Love Is War  Ultra Romantic episode director) is directing the Summoned to Another World… Again?! adaptation with Yukihito (Tonari no Kuuderera, Uchi no Aikagi wo Watasu koto ni Natta author) as series composer and Mikako Kunii (Date A Live IV co-clothes designer, Gibiate co-main animator) as character designer. Studio Elle is the animation production company.

Shun’ichi Toki is voicing main character Setsu.

The manga is an adaptation of the light novel series written by Kazuha Kishimoto with illustrations from 40hara, which released its first volume in November 2015. The story was originally a web novel on Shousetsuka ni Narou that began in March 2015.

Source: ABC Animation Channel

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