Bilibili Launches China’s First Virtual Idol Musical Fantasy Film

Bilibili joined with Shanghai Media Tech on January 16th to present China’s first virtual idol musical fantasy film Vox Ultima. The film aimed to reimagine the scope of virtual entertainment through multiple performances by artists and virtual idols.

The lineup consists of 12 popular virtual idols from both China and Japan. Idols such as hanser and Aria from VirtuaReal and japanese v-tuber group NIJISANJI are also part of the film. Vox Ultima, also known as The Voice of a New World tells the story of a warrior who fights demons and creates a new fantasy world of virtual idols with the help of twelve goddesses. Each idol including the aforementioned ones have their own separate “scene” or stage which will help tell the narrative of the story while also providing an interesting stage or backdrop for their performance.

Source: press release

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