Full List of Spring 2019 Anime Award Winners can be seen here

Against all odds, Carole and Tuesday wins the Anime of the Season (AOTS) title for the Spring 2019 Anime Season! It became the first 2-cour anime to win the title since Winter 2015, which was already more than 4 years ago. It also won the award for Favorite Music, edging its closest rival Kono Oto Tomare!:Sounds of Life narrowly by 37 votes. It was the second original musical anime to win AOTS too.

After winning the AOTS Title last season, the romance anime came short this time as the remake of one of the most popular romance anime of the last decade, Fruits Basket finishes as runner-up. The remake at least took home the awards for Favorite Romance and Favorite Drama. Kyou Soma and Honda Tohru also qualified for the Couple-Ship Award in next year’s Anime Trending Awards (ATA) as it finishes as 3rd in the final couple-ship tally of the season.

Although he was able to remarkably occupy half of the couple-ship chart this season, Nariyuki Yuiga (We Never Learn!: BOKUBEN) wasn’t able to send a ship or nominee for Couple Ship of the Year as none was able to make it to the Top 3 Couple Ship of the Season.  Yuiga would have one more chance though as his show will return this coming Fall. He himself though has qualified as a nominee for Man of the Year in next year’s ATA as he finishes 5th in the final tally this season. He became the first ever harem lead to top the male character charts in Week#11 of the season.

The road for the shonen-action anime remains hard as Demon Slayer:Kimetsu no Yaiba, the genre’s leading series this season is unable to retain its good chart performance from the start as it only finishes at 3rd place, missing yet again an AOTS title, but it won as Favorite Supernatural Anime beating Bungou Stray Dogs who had won it twice in the past. The anime’s lead characters, Tanjirou and Nezuko Kamadou placed 2nd and 3rd in the male and female character charts respectively


Attack on Titan meanwhile is unable to do a repeat of its Summer 2018 AOTS win as the second part of the anime’s 3rd season placed 4th, possibly due to it not being included in the first two weeks of the polls and receiving no votes.  Third time’s a charm though for Levi Ackerman as he finally won a male character award! He almost made it back in Summer 2018, while in Spring 2017, he was not even in contention for the award.

Kyouka Izumi (Bungou Stray Dogs) also shares the same case with Ackerman, who also finally won the Favorite Supporting Female Character title on her third attempt. She placed second both on her previous attempts in Spring and Fall of 2016.  Ackerman’s commander, Erwin Smith, meanwhile wins the Favorite Supporting Male Character award, albeit posthumously. Smith also came close in winning the said award back in Summer 2018, only to finish behind the eventual winner, Shorter Wong (Banana Fish).

Nanako Yukishiro (Senryu Girl) is the counterpart winner of Ackerman as the former is finally formally awarded the best girl title, winning 5 out of the 9 charting weeks and even being declared an early winner during the 10th week. Her ship with Eiji Busujima was also formally crowned as the best couple-ship of the season and their show would meanwhile become the first short anime to be nominated for the Anime of the Year (AOTY) title in next year’s Anime Trending Awards, by virtue of winning the Last Week Advantage (LWA) polls of this season, which also made it the first short anime to top the anime charts. The show also won as the Favorite Slice of Life Anime of the season.

On to the theme song awards, The Peggies won their third consecutive theme song award for Sarazanmai’s Ending Theme Song, “Stand by Me”. The band was known recently for their hit single “Kimi no Sei”, which won as Opening Theme Song of the Year in the 5th Anime Trending Awards for Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.  EDOGA SULLIVAN’s catchy single  “WONDERFUL WONDER” meanwhile won the Favorite OP Theme Song award for Ao-chan Can’t Study!



Road to #ATA2020: 6th Anime Trending Awards

Fruits Basket leads the pack of Spring 2019 nominees for next year’s Anime Trending Awards with 11 nominations. Dororo and The Rising of the Shield Hero, which are leftover anime from the previous season, each got 2 additional nominations this season bringing their total nomination count to 9 for the both of them.

Here are the Spring 2019 Anime that have at one nomination for the 6th ATA:

  • Fruits Basket (2019) – 11 nominations
  • Attack on Titan 3 Part S2 – 10 nominations
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – 10 nominations
  • Carole & Tuesday – 8 nominations
  • Ao-chan Can’t Study! – 5 nominations
  • Bungo Stray Dogs S3 – 5 nominations
  • Sarazanmai – 5 nominations
  • Senryu Girl – 5 nominations
  • Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life – 4 nominations
  • We Never Learn: BOKUBEN – 4 nominations
  • One Punch Man 2 – 3 nominations
  • Bungou Stray Dogs S3 – 2 nominations
  • Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu – 2 nominations
  • Fairy Gone – 1 nomination
  • Isekai Quartet – 1 nomination
  • Mix – 1 nomination
  • The Helpful Fox Senko-san – 1 nomination




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