Kaguya-sama: Love is War victorious in Winter 2019 Anime Awards

Kaguya-sama gives A-1 Pictures its 4th 'Anime of the Season' (AOTS) title, solidifying the studio's record of having the most AOTS titles in Anime Trending

‘A Place Further than the Universe’, ‘Maquia’ wins Top Anime Titles in the 5th...

ZAMAMIRO! A Place Further than the Universe grabs 'Anime of the Year Title', while Mari Okada's debut directorial film, 'Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms' wins as Anime Movie of the Year

5th Anime Trending Awards: Top 10 Finalists Per Category – Best of 2018

Throughout the week, we had revealed the Top 10 Finalists for the Top Anime Awards (Anime of the Year and Anime Movie of the Year), and the Character Awards....

Zombie Land Saga records surprising win in Fall 2018 Anime Awards

Zombie Land Saga unexpectedly becomes the first ever idol anime to win Anime of the Season in the history of Anime Trending

LGBTQ Triumph Part 1: Banana Fish

Once upon a time, I was a homophobe. Back in high school, I sincerely believed that gay and lesbian relationships were unnatural. I even once answered a survey asking whether...

LGBTQ Triumph 2: Bloom Into You

In my last article, I talked about how I was once a homophobe. In a strange twist of events, I have recently come to recognize that I am actually...

Attack on Titan scores historical win in the Summer 2018 Anime Awards

Attack on Titan scores the narrowest AOTS win in the history of Anime Trending

Tada Never Falls in Love Reigns supreme in the Spring 2018 Anime Awards

Tada Never Falls in Love is the 5th Romance Anime to win AOTS in the past 6 seasons

DARLING in the FRANXX, Laid-Back Camp dominates Winter 2018 Anime Awards

DARLING in the FRANXX might have won the most number of awards, but it did miss the most important award of Anime of the Season (AOTS), with Laid-Back Camp...

ATA 2018: Joint Character Wildcard Nominees

This list contains all of those who are eligible for a possible wildcard ticket for the title of 'Man of the Year' and 'Girl of the Year' for the...