Anime Trending to host Decade Awards this September

The Past 'Anime of the Year' will clash in Anime Trending's Decade Awards! First Polls to start this April.

6th Anime Trending Awards: Gender Vote Analysis

He said, she said - which anime did each gender voted for? Check out the breakdown of votes by gender for the Anime of the Year Title of the 6th Anime Trending Awards!

Vinland Saga conquers the Anime of the Year title in the 6th Anime Trending...

For the first time ever, an anime that ran for more than 13 episodes has won the top title of Anime of the Year. Its also the first win for historical anime

Sword Art Online finally wins AOTS Title in 3rd attempt at the Fall 2019...

Rise above hate! Sword Art Online finally triumphs in Anime Trending while the AOTS title continues to remain elusive to the Fate Franchise, who lost it again for the 4th straight time.
Astra Lost in Space wins Summer 2019 Anime of the Season Title

Astra Lost in Space scores spectacular upset in Anime of the Season win for...

Aye-yeah! Kanata and his space crew successfully grabs the Anime of the Season Title for Summer 2019 after an astronomically well-received finale episode

Against all odds – Carole and Tuesday claims ‘Anime of the Season’ Title for...

Carole and Tuesday breaks the 4-year dry spell for two-cour anime as they give Bones' third AOTS Title

Kaguya-sama: Love is War victorious in Winter 2019 Anime Awards

Kaguya-sama gives A-1 Pictures its 4th 'Anime of the Season' (AOTS) title, solidifying the studio's record of having the most AOTS titles in Anime Trending

‘A Place Further than the Universe’, ‘Maquia’ wins Top Anime Titles in the 5th...

ZAMAMIRO! A Place Further than the Universe grabs 'Anime of the Year Title', while Mari Okada's debut directorial film, 'Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms' wins as Anime Movie of the Year

5th Anime Trending Awards: Top 10 Finalists Per Category – Best of 2018

Throughout the week, we had revealed the Top 10 Finalists for the Top Anime Awards (Anime of the Year and Anime Movie of the Year), and the Character Awards....

Zombie Land Saga records surprising win in Fall 2018 Anime Awards

Zombie Land Saga unexpectedly becomes the first ever idol anime to win Anime of the Season in the history of Anime Trending