hololive Opens Pop-Up Store in Tokyo Station, Exclusive Merch Drop

hololive VTubers Gawr Gura, Sakura Miko, and Mori Calliope
© 2016 COVER Corp.

Located on the basement floor of Tokyo Station, hololive will open a pop-up store in “Tokyo Character Street.” Titled “hololive production official shop in Tokyo Station,” the pop-up will operate between November 16th and January 18th, 2024. 

The merchandise is themed after hololive’s Tokyo Tourism Ambassadors, namely Gawr Gura, Mori Calliope, and Sakura Miko

The pop-up will feature in-store announcements delivered by many of the hololive talents. Gura, Calli, and Miko will be heard throughout the location, alongside A-Chan, Harusaki Nodoka, and the members of the newly formed ReGLOSS unit including Hiodoshi Ao, Otonose Kanade, Ichijou Ririka, Juufuutei Raden, Todoroki Hajime.  

The inventory includes acrylic stands, clear files, acrylic keychains, can badges, a tote bag, a mug, name tag badges, luggage tags, blankets, and hololive themed manjuu.

© 2016 COVER Corp.

Any purchase more than 3300JPY will come with a novelty item, which will change over the course of the event while stock lasts. The first batch includes one of six “Tokyo Tourism Ambassadors Card” featuring Gura, Calli, or Miko. 

Select products from “hololive productions OFFICIAL SHOP” and hololive licensed merchandise will also be available in-store. Shop exclusive bags will also be available at check-out for 100JPY. 

© 2016 COVER Corp.
© 2016 COVER Corp.

The store will be open between 10am and 8:30pm on all operating days, with the exception of holidays, and closing at 6pm on the final day. 

Due to a high number of expected customers, entry may be restricted to ticket holders between November 16th and November 19th. “LivePocket Ticket” system will be implemented during time slots with a high likelihood of crowds. Fans will be able to track the status of the store via Piratesfactory on X (formerly Twitter) during the event.

hololive production is a virtual talent agency owned and operated by Japanese tech entertainment company COVER Corporation. As of November 2023, the agency oversees 83 talents across its six branches. Mori Calliope will be making an appearance at Anime NYC, accompanying Hoshimachi Suisei in concert.

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