NIJISANJI Announces New English VTuber Heroes Wave

NIJISANJI EN VTuber Heroes Promotional Image

ANYCOLOR has announced 3 new VTubers to debut under its NIJISANJI EN Liver group. The new wave consists of Yu Q. Wilson, Vantacrow Bringer, and Vezalius Bandage. They will debut on June 24 at 7:00 PM PDT.

Vezalius Bandage (ヴェザリウス バンデージ)

A medical soldier who turned even his own body into an experimental subject in his efforts to save others. The true meaning of his eccentric healing lies behind the bandages.

Vantacrow Bringer (ベンタクロウ ブリンガー)

A trusted ace who executes his work with care and precision. Famous in the underworld for his business card that reads, “Leave no trace, but leave results.”

Yu Q. Wilson (ユウ Q ウィルソン)

A playful but skilled hitman, he greets both friend and foe with enthusiasm. Proficient with any weapon, there’s no job he can’t do!

The new wave does not have an official accompanying name but promotional art does feature the words Heroes and Save The Day. They share the same heroic themes as the previous Japanese NIJISANJI waves Oriens and Dytica, and are also featured together in promotional art.

To celebrate the new wave, ANYCOLOR is releasing goods for each of the new debutants. This includes an acrylic stand, a badge, and a snapshot card. These can be purchased from NIJISANJI’s international store.

The last NIJISANJI EN wave to debut was XSOLEIL last December.

Source: Press Release

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