VTuber Agency KoMETA Opens Up Male and Female Auditions

KoMETA Virtual Live VTuber Auditions
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Philippines-based VTuber agency KoMETA Virtual Live has opened auditions. The agency is looking for talents to launch the second generation of its “Original Division” of female talents, alongside a new “Male Division”.

The auditions are set to run indefinitely, with a three-week notice being given prior to closing the application form. The agency is seeking three talents for each wave.

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KoMETA has separate forms for female and male VTubers, and encourages everyone to apply with the message, “Thank you very much for being a part of KoMETA’s story! Everyone is welcome to apply. You lose nothing by shooting your shot here, so be confident and do your best!”

Talents are encouraged to accept a new model and identity provided by the agency for privacy and copyright reasons, however they may accept current VTuber identities if it is deemed compatible with the branch.

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KoMETA has the following guidelines for their auditions:

• Native speaker of English or any Filipino language

• Can stream at least 3 times per week; you may stream after going home from work/school!

• Has a stable internet connection to stream with

• At least 18 years old

More information may be found on KoMETA’s audition forms and frequently asked question page.

KoMETA Virtual Live produces, manages, and supports virtual entertainers in the Philippines. Founded by Gira, its first generation of talents debuted in December 2021, including Elaine, Miria, and Virgil.

Source: KoMETA Virtual Live

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