Suzume Hits 10 Billion Yen Mark While The First Slam Dunk Reaches 5 Billion


Suzume has hit the 10 billion yen (~US$75.27 million) mark in Japan, making it the third 2022 movie after One Piece Film Red and Top Gun: Maverick to do so. It is also now the 42nd highest-grossing film in the country.

Suzume earned its 10 billion yen in 45 days, a longer period than director Makoto Shinkai‘s previous two titles Your Name (28 days) and Weathering With You (34 days).

Meanwhile, The First Slam Dunk has earned five billion yen (~US$37.6 million) since its debut on December 3. The basketball movie also continued to remain at the top of the weekend box office for the fourth week in a row with 320 thousand moviegoers and 462 million yen (~US$3.47 million). Suzume, still at second place, drew 299 thousand moviegoers and made 398 million yen (~US$2.99 million) over the weekend.

As for other anime movies, Lonely Castle in the Mirror, an adaptation of the award-winning novel by Mizuki Tsujimura, ranked sixth in its debut weekend. Meanwhile, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime the Movie: Scarlet Bond dropped from sixth to 10th.

Source: Kogyo Tsushin

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