PRISM Project Producer Shogun /r/VirtualYoutuber AMA Highlights

The producer for the Vtuber agency PRISM Project, who goes by the alias of Shogun, held a reddit AMA on the /r/VirtualYotubers subreddit. The session focused on the PRISM Project’s ongoing auditions, the agency itself, and the VTuber industry as a whole. Here are some of the highlights.

The Audition Process

User /u/AterisksAnonymous posed the following questions: “What do you want to see in an audition reel for new Vtubers? Do you want to see the auditionees talking about themselves more, or do you want to see snippets of their performance as well (in gaming, singing, or otherwise)?

Is having a second/third language still useful in VTubing even if you default to one of them for most of your streams/content in your opinion? Why/why not?

Do you think short-form content (Reels, YT Shorts, Tiktok) is useful for a VTuber’s growth in the long term? Would it be better than having longer but more high quality videos/stream highlights?”

User /u/themadmanazn asked, “First two relate directly to the gen 5 audition form. First, there is no explicit section for a video, what was the decision rationale behind this? Second, in the gen 4 auditions there have been some level of theme reveals so talents can tailor their auditions and efforts to match the theme. What was the decision rationale to not doing that this time?

Additional two questions not directly related to the audition form. Third question, now that PRISM is part of Sony Music of Japan, will there be an emphasis on music related content? Fourth question, with PRISM becoming more established as a agency, is there a push/emphasis on pushing current talents or acquiring new talents who are able to be content creators full time?”

PRISM Project and the Greater VTuber Industry

User /u/MrXeroh asked, “I would like to ask what you are doing in support for the vtubers behind the scenes that you can talk about. What are some form of supports that helps with streaming, getting rights to stream games, advertisement of the company, and feedback for the vtubers to understand growth or positive reinforcement.”

User /u/Frosty_the_Turtle followed up with, “Can you tell us a little about about what exactly a manager for a vtuber agency does behind the scenes? What does a day in the life of a vtuber producer look like?”

User /u/intensive_porpoises, who was interested in what goes on behind the scenes, asked: “What is the process like to ask for permissions, and how do you approach someone, when you are interested in using their work?

What kinds of things do you need to have prepared? (For example, is this something that requires a purchase? A lawyer?)

Are there certain types of media that are simpler or more complicated to receive permissions for? (For example, I’ve read that the Japanese music industry is rather strict and robust with how it handles music rights.)”

On the subject of the industry, /u/TomoPulse asked, “What do you think the VTubing industry will look like over the next ten years, and what do you think the biggest drivers for change will be?”

VTuber Clippers

On the topic of clippers, /u/I_Kektor inquired, “What kind of clips do you think are good for the agents of PRISM Project; as in, what would you hope to see more of from the fans?

I understand that there is a form to recommend clips for the official channel, but what is the process for choosing what gets used or not? Is there a checklist or is it on feeling?”

To see the full question and answers, check out the complete AMA on /r/VirtualYoutubers.

PRISM’s mission is to “create a world where all people on Earth can find something they love and feel happiness every single day.” Officially launched in January 2021 with three multilingual talents, the agency has cultivated twelve active talents worldwide. The talents include Iku Hoshifuri, Aoi Tokimori, Meno Ibuki, Rita Kamishiro, Luto Araka, Shiki Miyoshino, Nia Suzune, Yura Rikudou, Pina Pengin, Naki Kamizuki, Sara Nagare, and Non Anon. Primarily active on YouTube, PRISM talents stream a variety of content including singing, karaoke, gaming, art, and much more. Under the guidance of Sony Music, PRISM Project aims to support talents to explore their potential in voice acting, music production, online/offline events, and interacting with new digital technologies.

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