More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers Adds New Voice Cast & Characters

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The production team for More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers has revealed additional voice cast members and characters for its anime series. It is scheduled to premiere on October 9, 2022. 

The additional voice cast for the romantic comedy anime includes Minami Takahashi as Sachi Takamiya, Azumi Waki as Natsumi Ohashi, Yui Ogura as Mei Hamano, Shou Nogami as Sadaharu Kamo, and Shuuichi Uchida as Shuu Terafune. They join the series’ main couple featuring Saori Oonishi and Seiichirou Yamashita as Akari Watanabe and Jirou Yakuin respectively, in addition to Saki Miyashita as Shiori Sakurazaka and Toshiki Matsuda as Minami Tenjin. 

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The production staff consists of Takao Kato (Zoids Wild Zero director, Future Card Buddyfight Ace) as chief director, Junichi Yamamoto (Pokétoon “Hero ni Naritai Pancham”) as series director, Naruhisa Arakawa (Let’s Make a Mug Too) as series screenwriter, Chizuru Kobayashi (Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne co-character designer) as character designer, Akira Nagasaki (Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department) as color designer, TEAM TillDawn’s Naoko Akuzawa (Kengan Ashura) as art director, and Moe’s Misato Takahata (Jujutsu Kaisen opening 1 and 2 compositor) as photography director. Studio MOTHER is handling the animation production.

The original manga series by Yuuki Kanamaru was first serialized in Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace magazine on March 2, 2018. It is published under the Kadokawa Comics Ace label and has released eight tankoubon volumes as of May 2022. 

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The synopsis of More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers is described as:

Jiro Yakuin, a dull high school boy, ends up living with a cute gal named Akari Watanabe in the “Fu-fu Jishyu”. The two, who are in love with someone else, decide to play husband and wife for real in order to exchange partners. However, during their married life, they learn of each other’s attraction to each other and become aware of each other’s attraction to each other….

Source: More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers Official Twitter 

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