Key & Bibury Animation Studios Announce Original Anime Prima Doll

prima doll main key visual
©VISUAL ARTS / Key / BAS Prima Doll Production Committee

Visual novel studio Key has announced an original anime project called Prima Doll in collaboration with Bibury Animation Studios, who will be handling animation production. The anime will premiere sometime later this year. 

A main key visual and PV trailer has been released. The anime will also involve other mixed media projects that will be detailed later on.  

The main cast of Prima Doll are each designed by a different artist. They consist of Azumi Waki as Haizakura (character design by Na-Ga), Tomori Kusonoki as Karasuba (character design by fuzuchoco), Miyu Tomita as Gekka (character design by Yui Hara), Yuki Nakashima as Houkiboshi (character design by En Morikura), and Akari Kitou as Retzel (character design by lack).  


prima doll main cast members 1
From top to bottom: Haizakura, Karasuba, & Gekka. ©VISUAL ARTS / Key / BAS Prima Doll Production Committee
prima doll main cast 2
From top to bottom: Houkiboshi & Retzel. ©VISUAL ARTS / Key / BAS Prima Doll Production Committee

Tenshou (Kin-iro Mosaic, Azur Lane) will be directing the series with script compositions being handled by Touya Okano (Kaginado) and Kai (Rewrite). Akane Yano (Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki) will be the chief animation supervisor and general character designer. 

Prima Doll follows five autonomous mechanical dolls, or commonly known as automata, who work at Kuronekotei — a quiet coffee shop in the corner of the imperial capital’s fifth district. In the past, they were created as weapons to protect people for a great war that concluded a few years ago. Now fully restored and dressed in shiny kimonos, they must adapt to their newfound peaceful lives. 

Source: Prima Doll YouTube Channel, Prima Doll Official Website

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