Child of Kamiari Month Gets 4 New Trailers and October 8 Premiere, Adds 2 Cast Members

The upcoming Child of Kamiari Month movie has received four new trailers of varying lengths and an October 8 premiere date.

The trailers include a preview of the theme song “KANNA” by miwa.

The movie also added two new cast members, with Kō Shibasaki playing Yayoi Hayama, the deceased mother of protagonist Kanna, and Arata Iura playing Norimasa Hayama, Kanna’s father.

Child of Kamiari Month follows Kanna, a girl who is offered the chance to meet her deceased mother by a deity’s familiar. To do so, Kanna will have to travel to the city of Izumo in Shimane prefecture, with the demon descendant Yasha standing in the way of her goal. The story will involve the month of Kamiarizuki/Kannazuki, a time where it is believed that deities leave their shrines from across Japan to gather at Izumo.

Toshinari Inoue is credited as the original creator, communication director, and one of the scriptwriters for Child of Kamiari Month. Other staff members include Takana Shirai (Children of the Sea assistant animation director) as director, Ryūta Miyake (The Asadas! live action film) and Tetsuro Takita (Goemon live action movie co-writer) as scriptwriters, Haruka Sagawa (Happy-Go-Lucky Days character designer) as character designer and chief animation director.

Additionally, the staff lineup has Hiroyasu Oda (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid action supervisor) as deity designer, Takeshi Satō (BAKUMATSU CRISIS) as art director, Junpei Takatsu (Cells at Work! CODE BLACK) as photography director, and Tomomi Mochizuki (The Slime Diaries Ep 7, Ep 12 co-storyboarder) as storyboarder. LIDENFILMS is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, Child of Kamiari Month‘s previously announced cast members include Aju Makita as Kanna, Maaya Sakamoto as Shiro, Miyu Irino as Yasha, Chise Niitsu as young Kanna, Akira Kamiya as the deity Okuninushi, Riko Nagase as Miki, Chafurin as the god Kotoshironushi, and Wataru Takagi as the dragon god.

Sources: Child of Kamiari Month YouTube channel and Twitter

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