Tower of God Episode 13 – What Do You Desire? (Review)

Tower of God season one comes to a close! 

Crunchyroll describes episode 13, Tower of God, as: 

Just as the guardian’s test is about to end, Bam is pushed off by Rachel.
Time turns back to when the tower’s doors opened.
How did Bam spend his time? What is the world Rachel saw?

As we’ve commented in the past, we had a lot of unanswered questions as we progressed through the tests and through the season. Fortunately, the finale does a fairly good job answering those questions with organic exposition. It re-contextualizes a lot of movements from throughout the season and addresses many of our confused comments through the adventure. 

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The final episode also featured an excellent cut to black and silence. That particular editing trick isn’t always impactful, but in this case it does its job especially well in conveying the severity of climbing the tower. 

Of course, we can’t pass up our final opportunity to laud Kevin Penkin’s soundtrack. This episode showcased many tracks that utilized a wide range of instruments, and that auditory variety greatly complemented the tonal variety in this series. The track featuring a rich chorus of voices, which appears to be motivic of the tower itself, left a very strong impression at the end of this final episode. We look forward to listening to the full soundtrack when it releases.

Looking back on this entire season of Tower of God, this was a pretty satisfying ending. It wrapped things up well enough, but it also lays the groundwork for a continuation. It’s a clear transition point, as we have finished one set of floors and are heading to the next one. The call back to episode 1 at the end of episode 13 provided a nice bookend, but it also leaves us wondering what comes next. The final teaser visual leaves us with a choice: either read the web comic or wait patiently for the next season (if it gets announced). It begs the question, what do you desire?

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