Tower of God Episode 7 – Lunch and Tag (Review)

In this week’s episode of Tower of God, food is king. 

Crunchyroll describes episode 7: 

Several days have passed since Anaak and Endorsi’s feud came to a total stop. As the next “Tag” test is about to begin, dark clouds begin gathering around Bam again.

Tower of God has found its rhythm. We start the episode by partially resolving with last week’s cliffhanger. We’re no longer at a state of high tension but we’ve been given a plot thread that will hopefully get picked up again in the future. A typical Tower of God episode seems to segment itself fairly neatly into three acts: the resolution of a cliffhanger, a character development scene, and an action sequence. It works well for the show and by having a formula, the act of breaking from it makes the show interesting. 

There is a lot of character interaction around food. Not that it’s a bad thing, Rak’s beloved obsessions over chocolate are sprinkled throughout the story and helps cut the tension. Food brings people together and Tower of God dishes it out with a side of character engagement and information sharing. Mealtime will likely be a recurring segment. 

This episode seems to introduce more potential side stories than previous episodes. Hopefully they will build into something worthwhile, though based on the pacing so far, we likely won’t get to see it. That being said, there’s considerable attention focused on Hoh. From the flashbacks to the ominous letter, he’s getting the spotlight despite being a passive character compared to Anaak. 

Speaking of yet to be fleshed out characters, we barely know test administrator Quant but his formal inclusion spices up the newly introduced “Tag” test. His short tempered nature will likely resolve in some plot-driving injuries. 

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