ELEVEN ARTS Announces North American Screenings for The Wonderland

ELEVEN ARTS announced that they are bringing screenings of The Wonderland to 115 U.S. theaters starting 31 January. Up-to-date ticket information is available on the official site, details for Canadian theaters coming soon.

The Wonderland is based on Sachiko Kashiwaba’s 1981 novel, The Mysterious Journey from the Basement. The film is directed by Keiichi Hara of Miss Hokusai and Colorful fame, and animated by studio Signal M.D., which made Napping Princess and Recovery of an MMO Junkie. Character designs and visuals are handled by Ilya Kuvshinov, who is known for his books Momentary and Eternal as well as his popular digital and print illustrations.

The story is as follow: 

On the day before her birthday, young Akane meets the mysterious alchemist Hippocrates who brings her through a basement and into a fantastical world full of magic and color. He reveals that this world is in danger, and as the “Green Goddess” it is her destiny and responsibility to save this world. The only problem? Akane just wants to go home.

ELEVEN ARTS Anime Studio is a Los Angeles-based distribution company known for bringing high-quality Japanese anime to North America, such as A Silent Voice, Liz and the Blue BirdMillennium Actress, and many more beloved anime films.

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