Final Impressions: Fairy Gone

Season aired: Spring 2019

Number of episodes: 12

Genres: Fantasy, Action

Thoughts: I was originally very excited for Fairy Gone as Ao Jyumonji, the author of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, wrote the script. Because I liked Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, I had high hopes for this original anime series. Unfortunately, Fairy Gone is a poorly written and messily conceptualized story with an interesting premise but nothing more.

Fairy Gone is set after a great war where certain soldiers were genetically modified with fairy organs. These modifications lent them supernatural strength and the ability to summon fairies to fight alongside them. When the main protagonist, Maryla, unexpectedly becomes a so-called Fairy Soldier herself, she joins a team of veterans to avoid being an illegal fairy soldier while hunting down her childhood friend, Veronica, who disappeared when she was a child.

Honestly, Fairy Gone checks the boxes for everything I would enjoy. The time period and setting are reminiscent of Victorian times. The character designs and clothes are definitely to my liking due to the historical period. Both the mafia and political campaigns have a huge involvement in the story. There are characters who refuse to accept that war had ended. Unfortunately, many elements simply weren’t executed properly.

Maryla, one of the biggest weakness (Source)

Marlya is one of the biggest problems for the series due to her lack of contribution to the anime. Though she can wield a rifle effectively, she still seems to require constant rescue. I sincerely can’t remember a single moment where she actually turned the tides or somehow contributed to the final outcome of a battle. Her self-degradation does not aid her character development because even if she grows out of her self degradation, she still doesn’t seem to make any choices on her own. Then there are constant flashbacks that are jarringly inserted at the beginning of each episode. Even though her flashbacks become lengthier and more detailed as the series goes on, we never learn any substantial new information from them. In the end, her memories serve as nothing more than a big waste of time.

None of the supporting characters are properly explored either. Free, the male protagonist, is just a generic good guy with war baggage who’s fighting for retaining peace in an empire that war once ravaged. Aside from his name, I can’t list a single attribute that makes him unique from all the other protagonists I have seen. In contrast, Veronica and Wolfram, the two advertised antagonists, are the most interesting characters in the series, but, unfortunately, they are hardly seen or utilized.

Instead, we get Liscar, the most comically evil man ever. He’s sadistic and seeks violence and death. He’s so powerful that he can walk through the frontlines in a straight line and avoid the hundreds of bullets coming his way. Anime has always asked for a suspension of belief, but when the man isn’t even running but strolling through bullets, I think you’re asking for a little too much.

Like…literally walking straight (Source)

Basically, the characters don’t fare well, and neither do the political plotlines. The world isn’t established clearly, so I had a lot of trouble figuring out the governmental system, the important politicians, and the names of countries and organizations. It took me till the very end of the first season to figure out all the factions and people involved, and even then, I’m still not one hundred percent certain about who they are.

The fight sequences disappointed me as well considering that PA Works produced the series, a production company known for incredibly animated fight sequences such as those found in Sirius the Jaeger. The only thing that I can praise is the soundtrack; I can feel the tension rising when the battle music begins to play. It’s a sad waste of good compositions, and I certainly will be listening to the full soundtrack outside of the anime.

In summary, don’t bother watching Fairy Gone. Perhaps it can redeem itself in the second cour, but its first 12 episodes are such a mess, I would rather move on to other things.


Plot: 4

Characters: 4.5

Voice acting: 6.5

Art/Animation: 6.5

Soundtrack: 8.5

Total: 30

Multiplier: 2




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