INTERVIEW: Voice Actor Satoshi Tsuruoka

Anime Trending had the wonderful opportunity to personally interview Satoshi Tsuruoka at the Fate/Grand Order U.S.A. Tour 2019. Tsuruoka-san is most well-known as the voice of Caster Gilles de Rais from Fate/Zero. But with his further involvement in Fate/Prototype, Fate/Apocrypha, and Fate/Grand Order, Tsuruoka-san has assumed the roles of multiple servants. 

Anime Trending (AT): How were you introduced into playing the role of Arash, Spartucus, and/or Caligua?

Satoshi Tsuruoka (T): I actually started as a voice actor for Fate/Zero, and because I did the role for Fate/Zero, TYPE-MOON (which made the Fate/ series) liked what I did. So one thing led to another, and that’s what led me to all these other roles for Fate/Grand Order. Because they liked me, they were like, “You know, let’s have you onboard for other stuff.”

AT: You have voiced so many characters, and because each character is different, how do you prepare for their voices and keep them distinct from one another? 

T: I play five roles in the game, and each of these characters, as you know has a  characterization. They lived as a person, as an individual, whether that be historical or in mythology, and so everybody has a unique characterization in what they are as a person. So, I start out first by gathering as much information as for how they lived their life, how they did, and so naturally, organically, they changed my voice and the impression of them have a different voice in them.

So as you see here, *gestures to the staff behind him* we have three men right here. We all look different, we’ve lived different lives, and we have different voices. It’s kinda like that where we can switch each person’s looks and they have their own history and so that’s what they sound like because of all these attributes. Because of that, with this background, I can switch my roles and voice, and it’s pretty natural, there’s no physical switch I can press, but it just comes naturally, knowing everybody’s background.

AT: On the Chaldea Broadcast Station, I noticed that you talked a lot about Caster, who’s also my favorite character in the series, and you mentioned you did a lot of reading on the Hundred of Years War. From that era, is there any other hero or person that you would like to play as from that era?

T: Obviously Jeanne D’arc. If it can be physically possible, if it can happen, and I know that I’m not Gilles de Rais, I just play the role as him. But, I just wanna, personally, if it can happen, I want to just personally go up to her and apologize that I couldn’t save her. I just want to personally say, “I’m sorry.” 

AT: I feel the same way too… On a lighter note, would you consider Jeanne D’arc the best girl of your party?

T: Out of the female servants, yes, Jeanne is definitely the best girl servant.

AT: So who would be your favorite male servant?

T: Saber Gilles de Rais. He’s the character that I have where my voice doesn’t die. 

AT: *laughs* That’s fair, very fair.

AT: Between Caster and the Saber version, which one do you prefer playing, or which one gave the best impression to you?

T: Obviously Caster is the most fun and the more fun role to play. For Caster to be able to be who he is, you know, to be able to do something so boldly and something so unnatural, or something so unapologetic, it feels really great just to be able to do something like that because of his character.

AT: I do agree he was very extreme, but he was very interesting to watch.

AT: At Anime Expo, you mentioned that you came to the US and went to see cars. Were you able to do the same thing this year?

T: I didn’t go see any cars specifically for the sake of cars, but I was on an Uber. And the Uber took me all around town. While I was going through all kinds of places, I was able to see different types of model cars that are in around in the public, you find in this neighborhood, I saw these kinds of cars, and that was the thing I was able to do to be able to enjoy myself, car-related.

AT: Seems it’s like a live exhibit!

T: Yes, yes it was. 

AT: Well, that’s all we have time for today! Thank you very much for this interview, I appreciate the opportunity. 

Special thanks to Aniplex for hosting the Fate/Grand Order U.S.A. Tour 2019 and for giving Anime Trending the opportunity to have this interview! 

The Fate/Grand Order U.S.A. Tour 2019 will be exhibit at several conventions across the United States between May 2019 and November 2019. Please refer to the official website for more details. 

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