Adult Swim and Crunchyroll co-production: BLADE RUNNER – BLACK LOTUS Anime

Warner Bros BLADE RUNNER 2049

Adult Swim and Crunchyroll announced their partnership on Thursday, November 29th with Alcon Entertainment to produce and distribute a new anime series called BLADE RUNNER — BLACK LOTUS, based on the Oscar-winning film, BLADE RUNNER 2049.

BLADE RUNNER – BLACK LOTUS will feature thirteen 30-minute episodes produced by Sola Digital Arts animation studio. The story will take place in 2032, featuring familiar characters from the BLADE RUNNER universe. The BLADE RUNNER series has been critically acclaimed for its storytelling, character development, and extensive world-building, of which the anime series will continue to explore.

Adult Swim will distribute and air the English dubbed version of BLADE RUNNER – BLACK LOTUS on Toonami. Crunchyroll will also be streaming the series worldwide.

Source: Press Release

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