Crunchyroll Mike Daniels Documentary: Anime Crosses Boundaries

On Thursday, Crunchyroll released a 11-minute documentary titled “He was Anime” featuring Mike Daniels, NFL football player for the Green Bay Packers. Crunchyroll has made a push into exploring how anime has impacted the lives of many, including those we admire and aspire.

Celebrities and icons showing their love for anime isn’t new. For instance, Kim Kardashian posted an image of Zero Two from DARLING in the FRANXX on Instagram and commented how it inspired her hair. Crunchyroll released a video on their social media reporting rumors that Jungkook from the notable Korean Pop group BTS may have deleted Twitter on their phone to download Crunchyroll.

While these events have periodically shined on the internet, the Crunchyroll documentary takes a hard and concrete look at how anime has inspired Mike Daniels and his family members. It highlights how anime has not only crossed boundaries, but generations. From his parents to his children, they all have begun to understand and love the medium.

But most importantly, the documentary takes steps towards bridging the gap between anime and non-anime fans from all walks of life.

Check out the He was Anime documentary below:

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