Dark Gathering Reveals 2nd Trailer and July Premiere

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The Dark Gathering anime adaptation has received a new trailer that previews the cast and the various supernatural entities and threats they encounter. It was also revealed that the show will begin airing in July.

Dark Gathering is based on the Shueisha-published Dark Gathering manga by Kenichi Kondou, which began in 2019 and has 11 tankoubon volues as of December 2022. The manga is serialized in Jump Square and published under the Jump Comics label. 

The story sees university student Keitaro helping the young prodigy that he is tutoring, Yayoi Hozuki, in finding the latter’s mother, who was taken by evil spirits. Keitaro has medium-like qualities and became a recovering recluse after his friend was involved in a supernatural incident. Yayoi also has supernatural abilities, as well as unusual pupils, but because spirits avoid her, she requires the help of Keitaro and his ability to attract spirits.

The staff of the OLM-produced anime includes:

• Director: Hiroshi Ikehata (Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You

• Series composer: Shigeru Murakoshi (Management of a Novice Alchemist)

• Main character designer: Shinya Segawa (Garakowa – Restore the World

• Compositing director: Yuuhou Andou (Shin Chuuka Ichiban!

• Color designer: Ritsuko Utagawa (Raven of the Inner Palace

• Music composers: KOHTA YAMAMOTO (Attack on Titan Final Season co-composer), Shun Narita (Ippon Again!), and Yuusuke Ceo

Meanwhile, the cast includes Yuu Sasahara as Yayoi, Nobunaga Shimazaki as Keitaro, Kana Hanazawa as Eiko Hozuki, and Rina Kawaguchi as Ai Kamiyo. 

Source: Anime PONY CANYON YouTube channel

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