VSPO! English VTubers To Debut This Month

Image source: VSPO!

The VSPO! (Virtual eSports Project) VTuber agency will debut its first three English members — Remia Aotsuki, Arya Kuroha, and Jira Jizaki — on June 30 at 10 AM JST/June 29 at 6 PM PDT.

A promotional animated trailer directed by Yo Morimoto (who also has character design, key animator, and trace painter creidts) and produced by AtoriE has also been released.

Remia’s first tweet describes herself as “VSPO! EN’s bot (or god) aimer” and has “Rush B” as the opening words to her profile description. Her character designer is EB十.

Arya is designed by ye_jji and wrote in her tweet, “I like potato chips, sleeping & shooting things… !” Finally, Jira is VSPO! EN’s “Almighty kaiju” and is designed by the 86 -Eighty Six- light novels’ illustrator Shirabi

Here are the links to their respective debut streams:

Remia Aotsuki 
Arya Kuroha
Jira Jizaki

Auditions for VSPO! EN began in August 2023. In April 2024, its X (formerly Twitter) account tweeted a response to a Marshmallow question that said, “We are accepting application for audition 24/7, and there’s no deadline for application.” An earlier tweet from March 2024, also responding to a Marshmallow, said that VSPO! members “can play games other than FPS as they wish.”

VSPO!’s first two VTubers, Kaga Sumire and Kaga Nazuna, began their activities in 2018. Its 20th and 21st members, Tsumugi Kokage and Sendo Yuuhi, made their debuts in March and May of this year, respectively.

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Source: VSPO! 

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