Pre-Orders for Ichika and Nino Nakano 1/7 Angel Ver. Figures Now Open


Amiami has opening pre-orders for PROOF‘s “The Quintessential Quintuplets SS” Ichika Nakano and Nino Nakano Angel ver. 1/7 Complete Figures.

The two figures are being sold for 25,240 yen, or roughly ~US$160.39. They are expected to be released in late November 2024.

True to their names, the Uniko Enomoto-sculpted figures depict the two eldest Nakano sisters with the white feathered wings of angels. Both characters wear dresses and hair accessories and stand atop a large rose and ribbon that bear their respective image colors. PROOF describes the Nino figure has being plenty composed in its bearing while Ichika has an “‘elder sister’ expression.”

You can find the Amiami English store pages for the Ichika Nakano and Nino Nakano Angel ver. 1/7 Complete Figures here and here. The Ichika figure stands at around 255 mm, while Nino is around 265 mm tall.

Source: @AmiAmi_English

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