Saori Hayami Is A One-Girl Harem in Giji-Harem Teaser Trailer


A teaser trailer has been released for the Giji-Harem (Pseudo Harem) anime adaptation announced last April. In it, you can watch Saori Hayami‘s Rin Nanakura acting out various character types for her harem-loving senior, going from spoiled to seductive to cool to tsundere.

The end of the teaser reveals the main staff and studio for the anime. Toshihiro Kikuchi (Yozakura Quartet character designer; episode director for A.I.C.O.:Incarnation Ep 5, Dropkick On My Devil Ep 2 et al.) is directing Giji-Harem at Nomad with Yuuko Kakihara (The Apothecary Diaries) as series composer, Yoshihisa Satou (Summer Time Rendering co-chief animation director on Episode 9 and 11 et al.) as character designer, and Tsuyoshi Watanabe (Otherside Picnic) as music composer.

Giji-Harem is based on the Shogakukan-published romantic comedy manga by Yuu Saitou, which was originally a Twitter comic before becoming serialized in Monthly Shonen Sunday from 2019 to 2021. The series is collected into six tankoubon volumes. 

Nobuhiko Okamoto is voicing Eiji Kitahama, the aforementioned harem-loving student who is part of the drama club with Rin.

Source: @GijiHarem

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