Neo-Porte’s 5th Generation VTubers To Debut on January 14

Image source: Neo-Porte YouTube channel

Japanese VTuber agency Neo-Porte‘s fifth generation of talents will make their debut on January 14.

The new Neo-Porte generation’s lineup consists of Tsukumo Yagami, Shizuku Shirona, and Shino Asakura. The debut stream schedule (in JST) is as follows:

• Tsukumo Yagami: 8 PM to 9 PM
• Shizuku Shirona: 9 PM to 10 PM
• Shino Asakura: 10 PM to 11 PM

A teaser trailer previewing their character designs and character profiles has been released:

Tsukumo Yagami (birthday: August 19) was a hardcore gamer who had the misfortune to be struck by a truck, causing him to hover between life and death. His precious material items, which have become Tsukumogami, helped to save his life. The current Tsukumo is technically a yokai, although he cannot perceive spiritual things and is too human to be accepted among the yokai ranks. He begins streaming to settle his previous regrets and to bring enjoyment to his Tsukumogami, and to be able to live in the human world. Tsukumo is the type who’s unable to throw away his possessions.

Shizuku Shirona (birthday: April 6) is also a former human. After helping a wounded snake, she became possessed by the creature, which was actually a snake god. She keeps the snake by her side for good fortune. Shizuku is the type to bite into a whole apple.

Shino Asakura (birthday: February 10) is a former salaryman who begins streaming, and the only one of the three who has their age listed (24). He continues to wear his suit to deceive his friends. Although more ordinary than his fifth-gen mates, Shino does have some ties to the supernatural, owing to him being a member of an onmyouji family. Shino left his frigid hometown for Tokyo as he cannot bear cold temperatures. 

Their YouTube and Twitch channels are linked below:

• Tsukumo Yagami (YouTube, Twitch)
• Shizuku Shirona (YouTube, Twitch)
• Shino Asakura (YouTube, Twitch)

Neo-Porte opened auditions for its fifth generation in late September 2023.

Neo-Porte was first established in 2021 as merise by VTuber ShibuyaHAL, esports outfit CrazyRaccoon, and music artists mafumafu and soraru. Its first generation made its debut in 2022.

One of the organization’s first-generation VTubers, Hizuki Yui, performed the ending song for Winter 2023’s Farming Life in Another World and the opening song for Fall 2023’s I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness.

Source: @NeoPorte_info

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