Bilibili Unveils 68 Chinese Animation Titles at Industry Event

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Bilibili has unveiled a total of 68 upcoming Chinese animation titles during its signature ANIME MADE BY BILIBILI 2023-2024 event. The event was held to encourage homegrown Chinese animation creators, as well as the company’s goal of introducing more Chinese animation to global audiences.

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During the ANIME MADE BY BILIBILI event, the company presented a diverse lineup of animated titles, encompassing a wide range of styles and narratives, as well as traditional and modern anime-inspired stories. Some of the many series highlighted include LINK CLICK Special Season, My Three-Body season 4, and To Be Hero X, among others. 

Bilibili also announced a partnership with Shanghai Animation Film Studio and Shanghai Film Infinity to develop a new second season and a film adaptation of Chinese animation series Yao-Chinese Folktales. The film will focus on a wild boar protagonist from the first season. 

Bilibili has also secured a new partnership inked with leading Japanese TV Network Fuji Television to establish B8station — a channel dedicated to broadcasting Bilibili-produced Chinese animation. The two companies will also collaborate on the Japanese TV series adaptation of LINK CLICK.

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The event also revealed a new project supported by Bilibili titled Capsules Season 2, which features a series of short animated videos from both domestic and international animation talents. Most recently, “Tomato Kitchen,” an episode from Capsules Season 1, won Best International Short Film during the 2023 Chilemonos International Animation Festival.

As of 2023, Bilibili has distributed nearly 70 Chinese animation titles internationally through partnerships with global streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, Rakuten VIKI, Astro, and more. The MADEBYBILIBILI YouTube channel has featured 135 Chinese animation titles. The company has also collaborated with international production partners that include Aniplex and Red Dog. 

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