Rail Romanesque 2 Premieres October 5, Reveals Voice Cast Members

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The production team for the Rail Romanesque 2 anime series revealed that it will premiere on October 5, 2023. They also confirmed more information about the voice cast of the second season

The voice cast for Rail Romanesque 2 includes Rie Tanaka as Kaniko, Aya Yamane as Noir, Miyuri Shimabukuro as Nako, Rina Hidaka as Torako, Azusa Tadokoro as Kiriko, Kaede Hondo as Umi, Tomori Kusunoki as Mumumu, and Sumire Uesaka as Suzushiro, who reprises her role from the first season. 

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The new production staff for the second season includes Michiru Ebira as director and Tenshou Satou (Gamers!) as character designer. Yokohama Animation Lab and CLOUD HEARTS are in charge of the animation production, taking over from Saetta.  

A game titled Rail Romanesque Origin by developer Lose is also planned to be released. The anime itself was inspired by the visual novel Maitetsu, which was originally released for PC in Japan in 2016 and on Steam internationally in 2018. 

The Maitetsu visual novel was followed up by a console release titled Maitetsu -pure station- and a sequel titled Maitetsu: Last Run!! The visual novel has also inspired a manga adaptation.  

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Crunchyroll is streaming the anime’s first season and describes the story as:

The first Maitetsu Festival, an event for young ladies who represent train engines and railway lines, also known as Railords, has arrived. Inspired by the incoming fleet, Suzushiro decides to host a summit for Railords to share their trains of thought.

Source: Rail Romanesque Official Twitter, Anime News Network

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