NIJISANJI Announces the Graduation of Mysta Rias

Mysta Rias Graduation

ANYCOLOR Inc. of NIJISANJI announced VTuber Mysta Rias will be graduating on August 27, 2023. Mysta Rias is a part of NIJISANJI EN’s first male wave Luxiem.

The graduation was first announced by Mysta on his Live Stream where he went into additional details concerning his motivations towards his decision to graduate. 

Mysta mentioned that he decided to graduate back in February 2023 but decided to fulfill all his obligations before he graduated. This includes releasing his first original song.

After his graduation, Mysta’s YouTube channel, Twitter accounts and other social media profiles will be made private. Merchandise and voice content will be discontinued at a later date.

NIJISANJI EN has confirmed the other members of Luxiem will continue their activities.

Mysta Rias debuted as part of NIJISANJI EN’s fourth English-language wave Luxiem in December 2021. He has 1,100,000 YouTuber subscribers at the time of the announcement.


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