J-Novel Club Announces Twelve New Series and Two New Audiobooks During May 2023 Industry Livestream

you like me not my daughter light novel volume one feature image
© Kota Nozomi, Giuniu

J-Novel Club has announced the license acquisition of multiple new series for its growing digital catalog, consisting of seven light novel series, five manga series, and two audiobook adaptations. The announcement was made on its industry livestream, which was held online on Twitch on May 19, 2023. 

Most of the new titles will be launched digitally on J-Novel Club’s website and app a few hours after the conclusion of the announcement panel. 

J-Novel Club also stated that they will be producing the two new audiobook series in partnership with Podium Audio. The two audiobook series include adaptations of Tamamaru’s My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World and Shouji Gatou’s Full Metal Panic! light novels. Both series have been previously translated into English by J-Novel Club. 

Here are the full details about each of J-Novel Club’s newest licenses: 

Light Novels

You Like Me, Not My Daughter?!

Story: Kota Nozomi 

Illustrations: Giuniu

you like me not my daughter light novel volume one cover
© Kota Nozomi, Giuniu

Launching today with Parts One and Two of Volume One. 


A decade ago, Ayako took in her orphaned niece, Miu, as her own. They now share a close mother-daughter bond, but being a young single mom hasn’t been easy for Ayako. Good thing Miu’s childhood friend Takumi has been there for the family every step of the way.

After all these years, he’s grown into a kind, handsome young man—just the kind of guy Ayako would like to see Miu date. In fact, when Takumi asks to speak with Ayako privately one day, she can’t wait to give the young couple her blessing. But little does she know it’s not Miu that Takumi has fallen for… It’s her!

How will Ayako handle the romantic feelings of the boy who’s meant so much to her family? And what will it all mean for her relationship with her daughter?

I’m Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness: I’ll Spoil Her with Delicacies and Style to Make Her the Happiest Woman in the World! 

Story: Fukada Sametarou

Illustrations: Sakura Miwabe

i;m giving disgraced noble lady light novel volume one cover
© Fukada Sametarou, Sakura Miwabe

Launching today with Parts One and Two of Volume One. 


Betrayed by her betrothed and bullied by her family, a young noblewoman named Charlotte Evans flees her home and stumbles into the hands of Allen Crawford, a misanthropic wizard known as the Dark Lord who lives in a solitary mansion deep in the forest. When he hears the sad story of Charlotte’s pitiful life, he discovers a new calling—giving her a crash course in all things naughty, from late-night feasts of cake and ramen to sleeping in till the afternoon, from dressing up in cute outfits to fun-filled days at the beach! Allen is determined to pamper Charlotte with every irresistible pleasure imaginable. Will he succeed in healing her emotional trauma and building up her confidence? And is there anything special between this odd couple?

Here begins the tale of a wicked sorcerer who leads an innocent girl astray…down the path of pure self-indulgence!

I’m Not the Hero! 

Story: Usber 

Illustrations: Hana Amano

i'm not the hero light novel volume one cover
© Usber, Hana Amano

Launching today with Parts One and Two of Volume One. 


Once upon a time, there was a middle-aged Japanese salaryman, a schoolgirl, and a speed demon of a truck driver. The man tried to rescue the girl from the truck, and… Well, I bet you can guess what happened next.

That man was me, by the way—“was” being the operative word, because the next thing I knew, I came to inside the world of my favorite game, Braves and Blades, as Rex Tauren. Rex is the most powerful character in the early stages of BB, a level 50 jack-of-all-trades who’s got tons of class skills and one huge drawback—Rex is only a minor character, so past the tutorial stage, his growth rate tanks and he’s all but useless.

In other words, my quest is now to find BB’s true protagonist and dump all of this saving-the-world stuff on them. I just wanna kick back and… Hold up! Why does everyone keep calling me the hero?!

Taking My Reincarnation One Step at a Time: No One Told Me There Would Be Monsters!

Story: KAYA

Illustrations: Naru

taking my reincarnation one step at a time light novel volume one cover
© KAYA, Naru

Launching today with Parts One and Two of Volume One. 


Even as a working adult, Sarasa Ichinokura suffers from an unshakable fatigue that’s plagued her since childhood. She goes to bed one night, exhausted from her office job, and encounters a goddess(?) who informs her that her perpetual lack of energy is actually due to a deficit of “mana.” Then, without any further explanation or time to process what’s happening to her, Sarasa is thrust into a fantasy world!

She awakens in the body of a ten-year-old girl in a strange land filled with flying beasts and oversized wolves. She accordingly prepares for the worst, but a monster hunter named Nelly takes her in. The hitch is…now that Sarasa finally has the energy to do everything she wants to, being cooped up in a cabin is just no fun! She seeks to stand on her own in this scary new world—and that’s going to mean learning magic.

It may be slow going, but Sarasa knows what to do—the best way to take her reincarnation is one step at a time!

The Troubles of Miss Nicola the Exorcist 

Story: Ito Iino

Illustrations: Kinokohime 

the troubles of miss nicola light novel volume one cover
© Ito Iino, Kinokohime

A J-Novel Heart title launching today with Parts One and Two of Volume One.


After an untimely death, a Shinto exorcist finds herself reincarnated into another world as Miss Nicola von Weber. And that’s just the start of her troubles.

On Nicola’s first day at a new school, she’s reunited with her childhood friend Sieghart. He’s now a handsome marquess who acts like a spoiled child around her, and wherever he goes, strange incidents follow. You see, Sieghart’s beauty attracts both people and…otherworldly admirers. Nicola thus has to put her homework aside and use her skills as an exorcist to save him—all while trying to avoid his inevitable proposal, for Sieghart once swore he’d never marry anyone but her. And so Nicola’s hectic, haunted life continues with a splash of romance, which she almost finds more annoying than the ghosts.

All Nicola wants is normalcy, and this is the story of how she’ll (try to) get it.

Stuck in a Time Loop: When All Else Fails, Be a Villainess 

Story: Sora Hinokage

Illustrations: Tsukasa Kiryu 

stuck in a time loop light novel volume one cover
© Sora Hinokage, Tsukasa Kiryu

A J-Novel Heart title launching today with Parts One and Two of Volume One. 


Selene Vixent has died nine times. In every life, she’s been betrayed by her fiancé, abused by her noble family, and laid low by an untimely end all because she was unable to awaken the power of Sun, a so-called protective gift passed down in her family. Yet Selene is determined to escape this cursed time loop and, after her ninth demise, abandons any further attempts to be a good girl. She awakens to the power of Shadow—seen as an ominous portent of misfortune—and fully embraces her new life as a villainess.

But Selene’s dark path is about to take another strange turn when Dier Veldt, the former crown prince, reveals that he knows all about her time loop. He even offers his help, but under one condition: she must kill him in exchange. With her newfound villainy, can Selene break free of this endless time loop once and for all?

Lucia and the Loom: Weaving Her Way to Happiness 

Story: Hisaya Amagishi

Illustrations: Esora Amaichi

lucia and the loom light novel volume one cover
© Hisaya Amagishi, Esora Amaichi

A spin-off series from Dahlia in Bloom: Crafting a Fresh Start with Magical Tools. A J-Novel Heart title launching today with Parts One and Two of Volume One.


Green hair and blue eyes, as subdued and boring as can be… That’s what Lucia always thought of herself, until a chance encounter in her childhood gave her the confidence to wear the pretty dresses and accessories she so admires, no matter what anyone else may say about her.

Now that she’s grown and working for her family’s factory, Lucia dreams of running her own atelier. Little does she know her ambition is about to get a jump start when her friend Dahlia comes by looking for someone to produce a specialized clothing item. Next thing she knows, Lucia is suddenly the head manager of the newly established Magical Garment Factory! Her unexpected appointment to this large role lands her in the crosshairs of others’ jealousy, but the target on her back is but a bump in the road to realizing her dream! In addition to her duties, Lucia, in her own fashion, tackles the conundrums posed by the clients of the Tailors’ Guild.

Here begins Lucia’s lancinating journey to clothe everyone in style as she weaves her way to happiness!


La Ragazza: Living with Francesca 

Story and art: Hamita

la ragazza living with francesca manga volume one cover
© Hamita

Launching today with Chapter One of Volume One. 


Yuji is an artist working out of a modest Tokyo apartment, when he suddenly receives a letter from his mother informing—not asking—him about an Italian girl coming to live with him while she attends university. Supposedly the two have a history, but forgotten memories lend little in the way of preparing either party for the inevitable awkwardness to come.

Left with little say in the matter, Yuji’s bachelorhood comes to an end, and his life with Francesca begins.

The Magician Who Rose From Failure (Manga) 

Original Work: Gamei Hitsuji

Art: Saika Fushimi 

the magician who rose from failure manga volume one cover
© Gamei Hitsuji, Saika Fushimi

Based on the light novel series of the same name. Launching today with Chapter One of Volume One. 


Cursed with a naturally low supply of aether, Arcus Raytheft is disinherited and shunned by his family. Things start to change when he experiences another man’s life through a dream—a dream that shows him marvelous technological wonders that don’t exist in his world. Armed with this new knowledge, Arcus sets about showing his parents that they were wrong about him. Surely an arsenal of mind-blowing spells will be enough to convince them you don’t need aether to succeed?

Only I Know That This World Is a Game (Manga) 

Original Work: Usber

Art: Ichizen  

only i know that this world is a game manga volume one cover
© Usber, Ichizen


One day, Souma Sagara, a college student and hardcore gamer who puts his hobby above everything else, finds himself sucked into his current game of choice—New Communicate Online, aka the Catfolk Realm. But what seems like a dream come true could easily turn into an unmitigated tragedy, as the game is infamous for being a buggy mess coded by malicious developers!

Robbed of his ability to save, reload, or access any of the game’s features, Souma must take on the Catfolk Realm with nothing but his wits and in-depth knowledge of how the game works, bugs and all. Follow along as he interacts with various NPCs, breaks quests, and glitches his way to success in a world where a single game over means certain death!


Story and art: Harayasu

thompson manga volume one cover
© Harayasu

Launching today with Chapter One of Volume One. 


Urban legends have come to life, manifesting as phenomena called “Folklore.” The mysterious Thompson Agency is dedicated to identifying and capturing these beings to minimize their harm to humanity. 

Thompson agents Emma and Yuliya are assigned to a sleepy branch in the countryside. While horrific atrocities are committed by Folklore in Tokyo, our heroes clean basements and fix the locals’ toilets. However, it is in Folklore’s nature to appear wherever humans gather. Myths, rumors, and fairy tales enter the minds of the public, then grow into fears that manifest on the streets, in the dark, and around every corner.

Monster and Parent 

Story and art: Ichi Sayo

monster and parent manga volume one cover
© Ichi Sayo

Launching today with Chapter One of Volume One. 


Saika Kannagi is a run-of-the-mill high school girl whose world is turned upside down after her mother passes away. As if the shock of being adopted by her mother’s distant relative and having three handsome new stepbrothers wasn’t enough, she’s tasked with the divine duty of god-rearing—raising an infant god until it’s strong enough to return home and take on its role as an all-powerful being!

With the stress of a new family, a new school, and some unexpected twists along the way, this task won’t be as easy as it sounds.

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