Highspeed Etoile Original Anime Releases Teaser Trailer, Coming in 2024

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The racing-themed Highspeed Etoile original TV anime has received a teaser trailer that previews its racers, races, and 3DCG animation. A 2024 release date was also revealed.

The show was announced last year with Takuya Fujima (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid manga artist) as the original character designer. Last month, it was revealed the cast includes:

• Fuuka Izumi as Rin Rindo

• Youko Hikasa as Kanata Asakawa

• Shiori Izawa as Towa Komachi

• Yui Horie as Sofia Tokito

• Ayaka Suwa as Yoran Ryu

• Nana Mizuki as Alice Summerwood

• Kenichirou Matsuda as Richard Parker

• Kousuke Toriumi as Lorenzo M. Salvatore

Highspeed Etoile is set in a world that has seemingly achieved its environmental-related goals. In the midst of all this, a next-generation race dubbed the NEX Race, which involves speeds of over 500 km per hour and the latest technology to ensure safety, was suddenly announced. Protagonist Rin is a former aspiring ballet dancer who is now making her debut as a NEX Race racer.

Source: KING AMUSEMENT CREATIVE Official Channel

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