Akuma-kun Anime To Arrive This Fall


The upcoming new Akuma-kun anime is set to begin streaming on Netflix sometime in Fall 2023

The Akuma-kun anime is part of a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the late Shigeru Mizuki, who created the Akuma-kun and GeGeGe no Kitaro manga. Aside from Akuma-kun, a movie based on the 2018 GeGeGe no Kitaro anime series titled Kitaro Tanjou: GeGeGe no Nazo is set to premiere sometime in the fall season in Japan.

The new Akuma-kun show is set 30 years after the 1989 Akuma-kun anime and sees Akuma-kun the Second and Mephisto the Third tackling demon-related mysteries. Yuuko Mita and Toshio Furukawa are reprising their respective roles as the first Akuma-kun and Mephisto the Second, respectively, while Furukawa will also play Mephisto the Third. Yuuki Kaji is playing Akuma-kun the Second.

The anime’s staff includes Junichi Satou (Akuma-kun series director, A Whisker Away co-director) as chief director, Fumitoshi Oizaki (A Centaur’s Life chief director, Etotama) as series director, and Hiroshi Oonogi (GeGeGe no Kitaro Season 6) as series composer.

Akuma-kun began as a rented manga, with the original series running from 1963 to 1964 before being followed by a few other titles like Saishinban Akuma-kun (Akuma-kun Latest Version) and Nostradamus no Daiyogen (Prophecies of Nostradamus). Multiple characters have taken on the titular moniker of Akuma-kun.

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