Bartender Manga Inspires New Anime

©城アラキ・長友健篩/集英社・Bar hoppers ©城アラキ・長友健篩/集英社・グランドジャン

A new anime based on the Bartender manga written by Akira Jou and illustrated by Kenji Nagatomo has been announced. An illustration by Nagatomo was released with the announcement.

A BAR Katsu BASE website, which serves as a community space for fans of bars and alcohol, was also launched. Other initiatives based around promoting “the world of bars and the appeal of alcohol” are being considered as well.

The Shueisha-published Bartender manga ran from 2004 to 2012 with 21 tankoubon volumes and centered around a genius bartender named Ryu Sasakura. The series was later followed up by Bartender à Paris, Bartender à Tokyo, and Bartender 6stp. The latter three were drawn by Osamu Kajisa.

©城アラキ・長友健篩/集英社・Bar hoppers

Bartender previously inspired a 2006 anime series that ran for 11 episodes and a 2011 TV drama. The anime was produced by PALM COMPANY and directed by Masaki Watanabe (Battle SpiritsMirage).

Source: @BAR_katsu

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