Crunchyroll Announces Event to Celebrate Anniversary of Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Crunchyroll has announced a special gacha and daily free 10-draw campaign to celebrate the 1.5 year anniversary of the global version of Princess Connect! Re: Dive. The anniversary celebrations will begin on July 19 at 11 PM UTC.The anniversary gacha features double the normal 3-stars draw rates for the new summer-themed character, Maho (Summer). The gacha will run until July 30, 10:59 PM UTC. 

Meanwhile, the daily free 10-draw campaign will run until August 5, 12:59 UTC and can be used on the current special gacha. The campaign’s duration means that the first 11 free 10-draws can be used on the Maho 1.5-Year Anniversary gacha, with the last six free 10-draws to be usable on the next, still-unrevealed special gacha.

The Princess Connect! Re: Dive 1.5 year anniversary celebration will also bring back the Landosol Cup for players to earn Jewels. While the mechanics remain the same, this version will feature a summer theme with the racetrack being on a beach and characters wearing summer outfits. Like the other anniversary features, the Landosol Cup will begin on July 19 at 11 PM UTC. It will run until August 5 at 12:59 PM UTC.

In addition to the anniversary celebrations, July will also see the start of: 

July Tower of Luna (20 new floors added)

Diabolos Focus Gacha

Re-run of Tamaki and Mifuyu’s Desert Island 0-Rupie Life Revival story event with modified rewards and challenges

Unique equipment for Tamaki (Summer), Mifuyu (Summer), and Suzume (Summer) 

New limited-time furniture added to the Guildhouse Shop

July Clan Battle

Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign

Sanctum Survey Double Drop Campaign

Normal Quest Triple Drop Campaign

Hard Quest Triple Drop Campaign

The full details can be found on Crunchyroll’s website.

Source: Crunchyroll

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