Megaton Musashi Anime To Return in Fall 2022 With 2nd Season

Mecha anime Megaton Musashi will continue in Fall 2022 with a second season. The news was announced on the Megaton Musashi website.

The first season of Megaton Musashi is currently airing as part of the Fall 2021 anime season. The anime is a part of a multimedia project which includes an upcoming RPG by Level-5 as well as toys and comics. The Levl-5 YouTube channel streams the show for free.

The anime is set on an Earth where 99.9% of humans have been wiped out by an extraterrestrial threat. As the aliens carry out terraforming, humanity is forced to retreat into shelters. The inhabitants of Shelter Ixia have their memories of the invasion erased and live normal lives in ignorance. However, among the inhabitants are “chosen ones” who become pilots of a robot called Rogue, with their purpose being to battle against the aliens. The story involves the selection of a new pilot.

Level-5 game designer Toshihiko Kuriaki is credited for the concept art, while CEO Akihiro Hino is credited as the anime’s chief director, original creator, series composer, and scriptwriter. Other Megaton Musashi staff include Shigeharu Takahashi (Youkai Watch Jam – Eiga Youkai Gakuen Y: Neko wa Hīrou ni Nareruka) as director, Takuzou Nagano (Megaton Musashi game) as the original character designer, Yuuji Ikeda (Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin) as character designer, and Ken’ichirou Saigou (Yōkai Watch) as music composer. OLM is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, the cast includes Toshiki Masuda as Yamato Ichidaiji, Shunsuke Takeuchi as Ryugo Hijikata, Souma Saitou as Teru Asami, Kouki Uchiyama as Reiji Amemiya, Sumire Morohoshi as Jun Kirishima, Megumi Han as Momoka Saotome, Ayumu Murase as Kota Akutagawa, and Yuuki Kaji as Takumi Kindaichi.

Other cast members include Ayana Taketatsu as Yuuka Nishino, Mariya Ise as Sayaka Minami, Miyuki Sawashiro as Queen, Yumiri Hanamori as Haruki Kitane, Aoi Yuuki as Aoi Hoshino, and Kazuhiro Yamaji as Genta Ibuse.

Source: Megaton Musashi website

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